The 2015 Great Race Is Underway

The 2015 Great Race is off to a good start.  There was some pre-event rainfall, but that has been replaced with sunshine.  A great deal of interest was shown in the Great Race in 2015 and the event filled up very quickly.  This is a good sign for the event’s continued success.

Great Race 2015 Route

The cars have now made it as far as Amarillo, Texas, therefore from the map above it can be seen that the competitors are approaching the halfway point.  From the reports that I have seen, the cars have been enthusiastically greeted all along the way.  As all of the cars were made in 1972 or earlier there is always interest in these cars.

Great Race Enters Amarillo

George Gordon/Robert Nerad Cross The Stage End Line In Amarillo In Their 1940 Ford Convertible

This year there were a significant number of entries from Japan.  This is interesting as these entrants have brought some Japanese market cars with them for the Great Race and one competitor brought a Toyota 2000 GT.  I have not been to the event this year, nor did I find a driver who needed a navigator, therefore I have included some pictures that I took last year when the Great Race started in Maine.

GR11 Thunderbird (1)

Two-Seat Ford Thunderbirds Always Look Good

The results below are the cumulative scores for the top 10 cars after the first two stages.  The scores in this rally are always impressive considering that no odometers of any kind are allowed.

2015 Great Race Cumulative Scores After The First Two Stages

1 42 S 1917 Klinger/Reckow 0:11 0.670 0:07.37
2 66 E 1932 Knowles/Gentry 0:10 0.810 0:08.10
3 91 E 1933 J & E Fredette 0:14 0.815 0:11.41
4 38 E 1964 G & J Martin 0:12 0.970 0:11.64
5 29 E 1937 Haverty/Pusey 0:14 0.835 0:11.69
6 70 S 1936 B & C Croker 0:15 0.830 0:12.45
7 60 E 1940 J & S Hudson 0:15 0.850 0:12.75
8 2 G 1932 Graf/Bell 0:16 0.810 0:12.96
9 82 S 1934 D & B Epple 0:17 0.820 0:13.94
10 27 E 1928 R & A Dinges 0:18 0.780 0:14.04

As can be seen in the above scoring summary, the older cars have a lower factor.  The total timing error is multiplied by the factor, therefore a good older car is desirable.  Many of the top cars in the event are from the mid-1930s.

GR38 Ford Coupe 1938 (4)

This 1938 Ford Coupe Has Been Very Successful In The Great Race

For more information on the Great Race check out their website by the link provided


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