Little Rhoddy Pontiac Club Show

On Sunday I rode my motorcycle down to Lincoln, Rhode Island to attend the Little Rhoddy Pontiac Club Show at the Twin Rivers Casino.  This show started out as a Pontiac only show, then became an all General Motors show, now in its current configuration is an all brands show.

The show had a wide variety of cars with a noticeable number of big cars…. some very big cars.  I put together a sample of the cars at the show.


1962 Oldsmobile Starfire

This Pontiac Silver Streak shown below was quite impressive with its big straight 8 engine and an automatic transmission.


1950 Pontiac Silver Streak

The two-seat 1955 to 1957 Ford Thunderbird has always been a favorite.  Earlier this year I noticed that a 1956 and a 1957 Thunderbird are eligible for the Mille Miglia.  I’m not sure why more Thunderbirds aren’t in the Mille Miglia.


1957 Ford Thunderbird

The Ford drag racer was real throw-back.  I noticed a dealer emblem on the back indicating that the car has initially been sold by Tasca Ford.  Tasca Ford is a new car dealer in Providence, Rhode Island which I had heard of even up in Ontario.  Tasca Ford sold specially modified Fords that were built for the drag strip.


1964 Ford Fairlane Sedan Drag Racing Car

The Buick Special convertible below was an example of the 1950s in full bloom.  Big, powerful, lots of chrome, fins, and bold styling.  It would have been nice to take that car for a drive through the countryside in the glorious weather.


1957 Buick Special Convertible

When I mentioned big cars earlier, I don’t think that there was a bigger car there than the 1964 Chrysler Imperial convertible shown below.  It was almost 21 feet long.  Look at the size of that one-piece rear fender!


1964 Chrysler Imperial Convertible

I finally saw a Cadillac XLR on the road!  These performance Cadillacs just never seem to catch on with the public.


2005 Cadillac XLR

The Superbird show below in the bright orange color, the big rear wing, the big Hemi engine, and 4-speed transmission certainly is an “in your face” car.  This car was so fast that NASCAR banned the car from racing because it was unfair to the other manufacturers.


1970 Plymouth Superbird

While the Plymouth Superbird was an overstated car, I liked the Camaro below because it is understated.  This car just looked good and had a good stance.


1968 Camaro SS

It was an interesting show and if you are in the neighborhood next year, then I would recommend it.  I wanted to stay longer to look more closely at other cars, but I needed to get back home to see the Canadian Grand Prix.

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