Article About The 1966 Canadian Winter Rally

Recently I was contacted by Brian Paul who competed in the 1966 Canadian Winter Rally to see if I had information on the results of that rally.  Brian drove a Mini Cooper S and was one of the relatively few cars that finished the 1966 Canadian Winter Rally.  I do not have good information about the results of this rally and have previously posted on this website about my concerns that whatever records exist for this rally either might be lost or could soon be lost.

The only information that I have about this rally is in an article that was published in the March 1966 edition of Canada Track & Traffic.  I sent a copy of this article to Brian for his information.  I decided to share this article with a wider audience, so I have included a copy of this article in this post.  The four-page article is shown below.

Canadian Winter Rally 1966 (1)

This Anglia Looks Like It’s Going Through A Water Splash (In February?)

Canadian Winter Rally 1966 (2)

Only 40 Cars Finished Out Of 112 Starters!

Canadian Winter Rally 1966 (3)

Interesting To See A Chevy Nova Rally Car

Canadian Winter Rally 1966 (4)

Winners Were Paul MacLennan/John Wilson In An Anglia

This winter rally was over 1,300 miles long!  What a treat it would have been to compete in this winter rally.  All of the finishers deserved to be congratulated and were presented with Finisher’s Medals.

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