Looking For Information On A South American Rally Clock

A South American rally competitor sent me a rally clock that he acquired to assess its capability and how best to use it during certain car rallies.  I am making good progress with the clock, but it would be easier if I had some information about the clock.  I am posting some images of this clock in hopes that someone knows this clock and can share any information that they might have.


Clock Identifying Information

The clock has some interesting connections on one side.  These are shown in the image below.  The connection to the right of the Off-On switch is for a remote switch that can be used to split the timer.  The two computer connections to the left of the Off-On switch suggest that there are capabilities beyond what can be determined by the “normal” clock operation.


Available Connections To The Clock

One of the things that is a challenge is the Spanish language used by the clock.  I am preparing some English language operating instructions for current and future use.


The Clock Has A Spanish Language Operating System

The clock has a timer that will allow split times, resolved to the 1/100 second, to be stored in memory.  The clock comes with a nice remote switch that can be used to split the time.


Clock Has Good Timing Capabilities

If anyone knows this clock or knows someone who might know about this clock, then I would appreciate if they would contact me by email at:  shanna12@comcast.net

Thanks to all!

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