Harald’s Mini Cooper S Is About To Move On

I got an email from my friend Harald von Langsdorff the other day.  Harald wrote that he was going to sell his Mini Cooper S.  Harald and I have done a lot of rallying in that Mini.  Our first real event was the 2003 Targa Newfoundland.  We had a glorious week in Newfoundland.  We cleaned 34 of 35 stages and finished second in the Touring Class.

Mini At Targa Newfoundland 2003 (2)

Harald & I At Targa Newfoundland In 2003

The weather and the rally experience was great and the Mini Cooper S performed flawlessly.  As I recall, all we did was wipe the windshield, wash it, and put gas in it.

Mini At Targa Newfoundland 2003 (1)

The Mini Cooper S Heading Toward Leading Tickles

In addition to Targa Newfoundland we also competed in several winter rallies as well.  The picture below shows Harald and I just outside of Minden, Ontario in the late afternoon as we were on our way to the Ontario Winter Rally.


Getting Ready For The Ontario Winter Rally

Not all of our rallies were a success.  The winter roads in Ontario can be a little icy and unfortunately one year we slipped into the ditch and just could not get the car back out.


The Mini Stuck In The Ditch

Harald and I had a lot of fun with the Mini Cooper S, but time has now caught up with the car.  It has been driven in the last few years by Harald’s son and now it is time to sell it.


The Mini Cooper S Was A Good Rally Car

The Mini Cooper S is a good performer as Harald had a pulley changed on the supercharger which increased the amount of the air that was delivered to the engine.  Somebody is going to get a good car.

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1 Response to Harald’s Mini Cooper S Is About To Move On

  1. Ian says:

    I will take good care of the mini for you guys! I can’t wait to share the history of the car to my family. My wife absolutely loves it.
    Thanks for making my first mini purchase a great one Harold.
    I will keep her in great shape for many years to come. I have 3 girls that can’t wait to drive it !!

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