Langwell Rally Odometer Is Ready For Action

Recently I got an email message from Evan Gamblin about the Langwell rally odometer.  Evan said that he had heard that legendary Canadian rally co-driver Doug Woods used a Langwell rally odometer.  In addition he said that he would be seeing Doug at the Lanark Highlands Forest Rally and Evan said that he would ask Doug about this directly.  A few days later Evan followed this up by verifying that Doug Woods used a Langwell rally odometer extensively and added that John Bellefleur, another well-known Canadian co-driver, had used a Langwell odometer as well.


Doug Woods Still Fits His 1970 Canadian Rally Champion Jacket

Doug Woods, as a former Canadian Rally Champion, knows all about rally co-driving.  Further Doug was the rallymaster when Canada hosted a World Rally Championship round (Rally Of The Rideau Lakes) in 1974.  A current stage rally in Ontario, the Lanark Highlands Forest Rally uses roads that were part of the Rally Of The Rideau Lakes.

So while Evan was gather some additional information on the use of the Langwell rally odometer, I was upgrading the appearance of my Langwell rally odometer.  below are some before and after photos of my Langwell.

My Langwell Before

The Langwell As Received

My Langwell After

Langwell After Refurbishing

In summary the Langwell rally odometer seems like a good piece of rally equipment when a single display mechanical odometer is sufficient to meet the rally requirements.  My Langwell appears to be an early model in the evolution of these odometers.  My April 23, 2015 post about the Langwell rally odometer provides more information on the operation of the Langwell rally odometer.  If anyone can add information about the Langwell or has stories about using one, please contact me.

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