Good Book ABout A BMC Rally Mechanic

I recently bought an interesting book about what is often referred to as the golden age of rallying.  This book was written by Brian Moylan who was a rally mechanic for the British Motor Corporation’s rally team from 1955 to 1979.  The book, “Works Rally Mechanic” provides an interesting and often unheard outlook on rallying.  I have had the pleasure of working with many service crew people and, with the exception of one guy, they all have been competent and very helpful people who were also fun to be with.  This is the main reason why I wanted to read this book.

Works Mechanic Book Cover

An Interesting Book

Brian Moylan had a very long career in rallying and was involved in all of the major rallies of the that era.  There were two major parts to his job.  There was the work in the shop preparing the rally cars and then there was the on-event servicing.  Servicing the cars was quite challenging with the long distance rallies in those days and with rather poor communication between the rally cars, the team manager, and the service crews.

The book is filled with photos of “behind the scenes” images such as the photos below.  Most of them are black & white with a few color photos.

Works Mechanic Book Page

Rolling The Mini On Its Side Was A Quick Way To Service It

The book is good read and I had wanted to buy it for some time.  Unfortunately the prices had been very high, but eventually I found one for sale at a reasonable price on eBay and I managed to win the auction.  It is a unique viewpoint of rallying from a very important part of any successful rally team.

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