My New Halda Tripmaster – A Classic Odometer

In another post I mentioned that I had recently purchased a Halda Tripmaster from a fellow in New Zealand.  These odometers were commonly used in rallying from the early 1960s up to the mid to late 1970s.  These are mechanical odometers and they are accepted for use in all classic or oldtimer rallies.

Halda Tripmaster (3)

My Halda Tripmaster

As can be seen, the Halda Tripmaster is single display odometer as compared to its big brother, the Halda Twinmaster, which has two displays.  Having only one display is not a particular disadvantage.  Due to the limitations in the precision of the calibration of these units, managing the distance indicated to match up with the rallymaster’s distance will require the navigator’s full attention at provided reference points.  This will be easier when not having to worry about two displays.  It will however require a little more mental math on the road, but that comes with the territory when you are a rally navigator.

There are two knobs on the front of a Halda Tripmaster.  The knob on the middle of the right side with the “0” on it is used to zero the display.  This is done by pulling the “0” knob out and releasing it.  The knob at the bottom with the stick on it controls the direction of the display.  When the bulb on the stick points to the “+” sign the value shown in the display will increase, when pointed at the “-” sign the value will decrease.  However when pointed at the “0” sign, the Halda Tripmaster is taken “out of gear” and the value will not change unless changed manually by the navigator.

Halda Tripmaster (5)

Knob On Right Side Is Used To Adjust The Display Value

To manually change or set the odometer display, the direction knob on the front of the Halda Tripmaster should set at “0”.  Next the knob on the right side can be pushed in and by rotating the knob in the appropriate direction, the odometer display value can be increased or decreased to the desired value.

Halda Tripmaster (4)

Knob On Right Side Provides Access To Calibration Gear

The knob on the left side of the Halda Tripmaster controls the cover for the calibration gear area.  When the cover is removed, the navigator can change the calibration gears in order to measure the rally route with the Halda Tripmaster in a manner consistent with the rallymaster’s measurement.

As part of the deal to buy the Halda Tripmaster, I got a rather complete set of “X” gears in order to calibrate the Tripmaster.  These gears are shown below.

Halda X Gears (1)

My Collection Of Halda “X” Gears

The image below shows the back of the Halda Tripmaster.  The drive cable connection can be made at the lower right.  The wire is for an internal light that provides some illumination of the odometer display.  The two screws on the upper right and upper left corners are for mounting the unit.

Halda Tripmaster (6)

View Of The Back Of The Halda Tripmaster

I am pleased to be able to add this Halda Tripmaster to my rally navigator’s toolbox.  I wanted to have a Halda Tripmaster on hand, so if my rally driver needs one in order to better compete in a rally, then we can use mine.  I like to compete in rallies with the optimum equipment and know how to use it.

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4 Responses to My New Halda Tripmaster – A Classic Odometer

  1. Terry says:

    Hi Steve
    The 24 HR Midnight Mountan rally from New England , that was Old school days .
    actually I’ve been looking for a Halda tripmaster don’t care if it’s useed ,abuse or broken
    Just would like to buy one if you have one or know somebody that might have one that would like to sell it please let me know ( in the process of putting my own 67 MG rally car back together )
    My email is
    Thanks so much

  2. Peter j Brennan says:

    I HAve two twin master for sale with full set of cogs, plus T piece and cable drive

    • Alastair Leathem says:

      Hi there, I have been looking for one for a while, now that I own an Anglia but to expensive. How much do you require for the full set?

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