Service Vehicles At The Jim Clark Revival At Hockenheim

During my recent trip to Germany we went to the Hockenheim Historic races that were held as part of the Jim Clark Revival.  Most will recall that the great Jim Clark was killed during a Formula 2 race at the Hockenheim race track.


Hockenheim is a great German race track that would have hosted this year’s German Grand Prix, but in a typical Formula 1 story, financial issues caused this year’s German Grand Prix to be dropped from the schedule.  While I am a big fan of Formula 1 racing, the behind the scenes activities does make it seem like a long running soap opera.


The Pit Area And Finish Line At Hockenheim

While walking through the paddock area looking at all of the cars taking part in the races, I noticed that a large number of the service vehicles were also styled in keeping with the historic nature of the races.  These vehicles were parked closely together, therefore in many times it was very difficult to get a good picture of these vehicles, but I did capture some of them with my camera.  I don’t know much about the service vehicles therefore I am including the images of the service vehicles without any elaboration.


A Taunus Transit in Bosch Colors



A Setra Bus In Period Design



A Volkswagen Pickup Still At Work


An Alfa Romeo Team Support Vehicle



Some Transporters



Porsche Support Vehicles Behind The Great Yamaha Motorcycle



Another Bosch Van

I thought that these service vehicles greatly added to the ambience of the day and drew attention to these service vehicles and their commercial relations.

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