1973 Halda Price List From New Zealand

Recently I completed a deal for a Halda Tripmaster odometer from a fellow in New Zealand.  Among the documents that came with the odometer was a price list for Halda rally equipment from 1973.  I found it interesting to look at these prices and compare them to prices of the same equipment today.

New Zealand Halda 1973 Price List

1973 Halda Price List From New Zealand

In the 1971 to 1973 era, the New Zealand dollar was strong relative to the United States dollar.  At that time one New Zealand dollar was valued at about $1.30US.  I don’t know the relationship between the New Zealand dollar and the Swedish Krona at that time.

My guess is that there is likely a lot of old Halda equipment in boxes in basements that might get lost forever in the next twenty years.  This would be a shame.

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