My MGB Moves On To A New Life In New York State

Saturday was a big day in our house – we said goodbye to our 1978 MGB.  It had sat, largely ignored, in our garage since 2008.  I had driven the MGB daily for about three years when I parked it in the garage in 2008 to fix the brakes.  To give me something to drive while I fixed the MGB, I bought a 1988 Merkur XR4Ti.  I loved driving the Merkur with its turbocharged power and so the MGB repairs began to slip further and further down the project list.

The final straw came when about three years ago I bought a Mercedes-Benz 230SLK.  This gave me a little two-seat, convertible sports car that I could just jump in and go.  The need to fix another little two-seat convertible sports car became an even lower priority and I knew in my mind that I would never fix the MGB, although in my heart wished that I would.


The MGB Saw The Sun For The First Time In Seven Years

Over the years there had been some near-deals for the MGB, but no money ever changed hands.  Recently, Bill Pellenz made a post on a MGB forum that I occasionally look at saying that he was looking for a hardtop for a MGB.  I responded to his post saying that I had a hardtop for a MGB that I would sell, but the buyer would have to take the MGB car that was attached to it.  Bill was interested and we agreed on a deal and Bill with his partner Barbra showed up on Saturday with a trailer to pick up the MGB.

The car was sold on an “as is, where is” basis, with the guarantee that if the car breaks into two pieces, then Bill owns both pieces.


Bill and Barbra Are The MGB’s New Owners

The tires were down a little but they held air with when we filled them up.  It turns out that three of the four wheels still rotated.  The fourth wheel eventually began to roll after we used a come-a-long to get the car out of the garage.  With some effort we got the car onto Bill’s trailer.


It Will Need Some Work To Get The MGB Back On The Road

The car will need considerable work to get it in top condition.  I am not exactly sure what the new owners will do with the car, but they appear to be very appreciative and knowledgable about MGB cars.


And Away It Goes To A New Life In New York State

I told Bill that I was going to hold onto the MGB service manuals that I have because you never know if I might buy another one someday …. I saw a nice MGB GT V8 during my recent trip to Germany.

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1 Response to My MGB Moves On To A New Life In New York State

  1. Gary Hamilton says:


    You probably know the saying about the two best days of owning a boat. “The day you buy it and the day you sell it!

    Not so sure about this applying to cars so much!

    Hope she is brought back to her former glory and the new owners enjoy her.

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