Shell 4000 Rally Rambler American Development Car

Recently there was a 1968 Rambler American car on the market on the Bring-A-Trailer website.  This was a special car as it was a development car that was used by American Motors Corporation as a mule to develop three rally cars for the 1968 Shell 4000 rally.  This effort was successful as the Rambler American team won the overall team prize in that event.  Because of my interest in the Shell 4000 rally, several people mentioned this car to me and there seems to be genuine interest in these Rambler American rally cars.

There was an article about these cars in the September 1968 issue of Canada Track & Traffic magazine.  I have scanned this article and included it in this post as it is good source of information about these cars.

Rally Rambler Page 1


Rally Rambler Page 2


Rally Rambler Page 3

The American Motors rally development car did not meet its reserve in the Bring-A-Trailer auction, so it remains for sale in the Markdale area of Ontario in Canada.

BAT Photo Rally Development Rambler

Bring-A-Trailer’s Photo Of The Ramble American Rally Development Car

These were interesting cars.  I suspect that most people don’t know that there was a Rambler American factory rally team.  These days the South American version of the Rambler American, the IKA Torino, is still commonly rallied in classic car rallies in Argentina and Uruguay.

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One Response to Shell 4000 Rally Rambler American Development Car

  1. Vernon Christy says:

    i owned one of the ’67 Rambler Shell 4000 cars. I purchased it through the AMC Dealer that I was working for at the time. A base low optioned ’68 Rambler American was going to come in at $2790.00. 290 V8, 4 spd, positraction. The ex Rally Car was available for $2000.00 & I jumped at the chance to buy it. It was one of those “Should Have Kept Cars” that everyone regrets not hanging onto. I attempted to track down the car a few years back, but to no avail.

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