Success At The 2015 Baden Classic Rally

I just got back from competing in the 2015 Baden Classic rally as the navigator for Harald von Langsdorff in his lovely 1958 Mercedes-Benz 220S Cabriolet.  I am still getting things sorted out, unpacked, and catching up with things at home that were left undone.  I will have more on the rally in a few days, but several people had asked me how we did so I thought that I would post this brief story on our results.

The image below shows Harald and I at the start of the two-day rally held in the Black Forest area of Germany.


Harald And I At The Start Of The 2015 Baden Classic

On Friday the weather was very good and we were able to have the top down on Harald’s car all day long.  This was very nice after coming off a winter of record snowfalls here in the northeast USA.  On Saturday, we had some minor rain which caused us to compete in the rally with the convertible top in the up position.

The rally was well subscribed with about 70 – 75 cars taking place.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  Harald & I were able to finish 4th in our class despite having either the oldest or second oldest (there was another 1958 Mercedes-Benz in the rally as well) car in the rally.  We were also part of the winning three-car team that finished first overall.  The image below shows both trophies.

Trophies From Baden Classic

Our Trophies From The 2015 Baden Classic Rally

In addition to taking part in the rally, we did some touring along with two other members of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America Toronto Section, John Geist and Peter Spitzer.  We got a tour of the Mercedes-Benz factory in Rastatt where the Mercedes-Benz folks were very thoughtful and generous with their hospitality.  After the rally we went to the historic races that were part of the Jim Clark Revival festival at the Hockenheim race track.  We were also able to tour the original garage/workshop where Dr. Carl Benz developed and built what is accepted as the first car and built the early Benz cars.   This workshop has been converted into a very interesting museum.

All in all it was an enjoyable and successful trip.  I will have more on some of the things that we saw and did in the upcoming weeks.

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