2015 Historic Events Posters

This past weekend we drove up to Canada to visit my family for a great Easter dinner.  While killing time on Saturday while my wife was doing some shopping, I walked into the Coles bookstore in Orangeville, Ontario.  There I found a copy of the March issue of Motor Sport magazine from the UK.  I took the opportunity to buy the magazine.  Wrapped with the magazine was a publication titled “Historic Racing Guide 2015”.  It is a summary of upcoming significant historic race, rally, and concours events, primarily in the United Kingdom.

Within this publication were some images of attractive posters associated with some of these events.  I have included three of these in this post.

2015 Monaco Historic GP Poster

Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Poster

The above poster for the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique indicates that the next event will actually happen in 2016, not 2015: however I decided that the poster was compelling enough to warrant inclusion in the post despite 2015 being in the title of the post.

2015 Pebble Beach Poster

2015 Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance Poster

The Pebble Beach Concours has become focus of a week-long celebration of cars in California.

2015 Goodwood Poster

2015 Goodwood Revival Poster

Posters like those shown above do a great deal toward publicizing historic automotive events.

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