A Couple Of Recent Interesting Acquisitions For My Rally NavigationToolbox

This past week I have made a couple of interesting purchases that still remain to be finally assessed.  The first item that I bought was a Langwell odometer.  I still don’t know that much about these units at this time and I would certainly appreciate receiving any information or stories about these odometers that anyone who might read this would have and would care to share.  It is my understanding that the Langwell odometers were made in the 1960s by Canadian rallyists Paul Langdon and Lloyd Howell.  These mechanical units were made by modifying and adding onto the rather rare Halda Tripmeter.  The Halda Tripmeter case can be seen if you look at the following picture from the left side.


A Langwell Rally Odometer

I have not yet taken delivery of this unit and I will have more on it in the coming weeks once I have the opportunity to examine it closely.  At that time I will have a much more thorough presentation about this odometer.

The other recent purchase was a Blizz Timing C-200 rally clock.  These clocks are used by the top teams/navigators in events like the Mille Miglia in Italy and the 1000 Millas Sport in Argentina.  These clocks have number of features that are particularly useful for those events.  Indeed, the Blizz C-200 was developed with the Mille Miglia in mind.


My Blizz Timing C-200 Rally Clock

My Blizz C-200 requires some work and I have just sent it to the Blizz Timing folks in Italy for refurbishment.  I will have more on the capabilities of this clock once it get it back from Blizz Timing.

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