Ceretta Brothers Win Trophies At The 2015 19 Capitales Historico Rally

I was pleased to get an email message last night from Paulo Ceretta from the 19 Capitales Historico rally in Uruguay.  The is a five-day rally that takes the crews all over Uruguay.  Paulo said that he and his brother, Alejandro, had won the third place Velocimetro trophy in their class.  They were just a little more than a second  out of second place.  The photo below shows the guys with their team and trophies after the rally.


Paulo And Alejandro Ceretta Celebrating After The Rally

The photo below shows the trophies that they won.

Ceretta Trophies 2015

Paulo and Alejandro’s Trophies From The 2015 19 Capitales Historico Rally

I am very pleased with their results.  Paulo contacted me in December asking me if I could provide some help and suggestions to improve their scores from previous years in this same event.  Paulo sent me a Route Book from last year’s event, I studied the rules, and watched some Youtube videos of the event from previous years.  Using that information I was able to provide him with some suggestions and some additional equipment to help them improve their scores.  It looks like whatever they did, they got some good results!  Well done guys!  It should be noted that Paulo was sick one day during the rally, so that made it extra difficult for them.

I hope to get some more photos of the event in the next couple of weeks.

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