New Book About Triumph Rally Cars

This past week I acquired a new book about the Works Triumph rally cars.  This is somewhat unusual for me as most of the time I buy older books on rallying and cars, but last fall Walt Kammer, a Buffalo-area rally enthusiast, sent me a note saying that this book was being published and he thought that I might be interested in it.  Well I was and very shortly afterwards I ordered the book in order to receive a copy when it was published.  By the way, Walt ordered the book as well.  I am quite pleased that it has now arrived.

Triumph Book Cover

Graham Robson’s New Book On The Works Triumph Cars

The book fills about 300 pages with pictures, stories, and technical information about every Works Triumph car from 1953 to 1980.  I look forward to spending some time going through this book and getting a thorough understanding of this part of Triumph and rallying history.  And there is likely no one more qualified to write this book than Graham Robson.  Robson was the manager of the Standard-Triumph Competitions Department in the early 1960s and he supervised the development and management of the works TR4s, Spitfires, and 2000s.  Robson supplemented his own knowledge with information from many others who were involved with the Triumph cars and rallying.  The result is a very informative book.

I am pleased to add this book to my library.

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