The 2015 19 Capitales Historico Rally Gets Underway

Today the competition started in the 2015 19 Capitales Historico rally.  This is a major five-day rally that takes the competitors all over Uruguay.  There are a substantial number of competitors with about 130 cars competing in 6 classes.  I am interested in this rally as I offered some advice in a written memo to the only United States team that is competing in this rally.  Paulo Ceretta and his brother, Alejandro, have competed in this event before, but were looking for some advice on how to improve their scores.

Paulo Car 621

The BMW 320 Crewed By The Ceretta Brothers

The scores from the first day of the rally have shown a dramatic improvement in their scores as compared to last year.  The timing errors are measured to the 1/100 second.  Today Paulo and Alejandro were one of the two cars out of about 130 cars that scored a perfect time to the 1/100 second at a control.  On the first day, their average score per control has dropped from 1.3 seconds to 0.80 seconds when comparing this year’s scores to last year’s Day 1 results.  Well done guys!  I believe that they will get even better in the coming days.


A Lotus Cortina

Paulo sent me photos that he took of some of the other cars competing in the rally.  The Lotus Cortina shown above is a very impressive car.

Volkswagen and other German cars have always been popular in South America.  The lines of the Volkswagen Karman Ghia shown below are quite attractive.


A Volkswagen Karman Ghia

The numbers shown on the cars are indicative of the classes that the cars are competing in.  For example, all of 400 number cars are in the same class and all of the 600 number cars are in a different class.


An Opel Kadet

The Opel Kadet cars never really sold too well in North America.  I don’t think that General Motors promoted these cars very well in North America, which likely contributed to the lackluster sales.

I will be following this event closely over the next few days.  For more information on this rally check out their website:

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