Great Example Of A Historique Monte Carlo Rally Road Book

Last week I was contacted by Jens Gandrup Jorgesen about the Historique Monte Carlo Rally.  For this rally the organizers publish information about the routes with some maps of the rally well before the start.  There are several commercial operations who prepare road books for the Historique Monte Carlo Rally that are offered for sale to any competitors would do not have the time, money, skills or inclination to prepare the needed navigational information to compete successfully in this rally.  Jens heads up a Danish rally team, the A-Team, who prepare road books for sale for the Historique Monte Carlo Rally.

Jens Gandrup has done the Historique Monte Carlo Rally in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 as a navigator and as driver with his son Kristian as navigator in 2013, 2014, and 2015 in an Alfa Romeo. This year they finished in 10th position, which is a terrific result considering that over 300 cars entered the rally!

Car Driven By Road Book Author

Jens And His Son Kristian Finished 10th In The 2015 Historique Monte Carlo Rally In Their 1977 Alfa Romeo GTV

 In a comment on another post that I made about the Historique Monte Carlo Rally, Jens said the following:

“It is great to see someone from the USA with this interest for this Classic European Event.

We just ended up in the top 10.

Every year we produce a package of:
1. Five Roadbooks in English – one for every leg.
2. A book with maps showing the route and the regularity zones (to be used by service crews),
3. Delivers an Ice-pilot service by SMS in English,
4. A back-up route to a Garmin navigator

We sell this package to all the Danish teams and also to teams from Germany, Austria, Latvia, Russia and England.

If any US team would enter the 2016 edition, please give the information that we will provide a free package for at least one team, and we will certainly share all of our advice from 8 years of participation in this rally to any US team.”

This is a very generous offer.  And it is clear from looking at the road books that Jens and his team prepare that these books and any additional information would be extremely helpful to any team.  In addition, it would be great to see an American team participate in this great event.

Jens is assisted by Torben Arp in preparing the road books.  Torben Arp is an experienced Danish Clerk of the Course and he has been living in Cannes for the last 13 years and has participated as a navigator in the 2007 Historique Monte Carlo Rally and has prepared the road books every year from 2007 until now.

The following is some specific information taken from one of Jens’ road books for the just completed 2015 Historique Monte Carlo Rally.

There are three types of routes that the teams will be following.  First there are the Concentration Runs as the teams gather in Monte Carlo from the various Start Cities in Europe.  Jens provides instructions for these Concentration Runs with distances measured to the 0.1 kilometer.

The second type of route is the transit from one Regularity Stage to the next Regularity Stage.  I have included a copy of a page from the road book for the last day of the 2015 running.  On this last day the teams go out from Monte Carlo, compete in two Regularity Stages and then return to Monte Carlo.   This page shows a sample road book page for the transit route.

CH From Monte Carlo

Sample Page From A Transit Route

Note that distances, measured to the 1/100 kilometer, are provided to every turn in the transit.  The distances were measured by Torben Arp in November/December 2014 and final check was carried out in January 2015 by Jens Gandrup Jørgensen/Torben Arp.

The route book is very clear and informative.  The book also makes good use of color to present the information.  These transit instructions will take the competitors to the next Regularity Stage.  The page below shows the instructions to get to ZR14, the Col de Turini, Regularity Stage.

Approach to ZR14

Transit Instructions To The Start For The ZR14 Regularity Stage

Once the crews have started the Regularity Stage the provided road book information is a little more intense as befits a stage where the crews progress and success is measured to the 1/10 second.  If you notice the left column, the cumulative Regularity Stage distance is provided to the 1/1000 kilometer to allow for suitable accuracy for timing purposes.  Also note that distance references are provided approximately every 0.20 to 0.40 kilometers.  This frequency should allow the teams to run very close to the target speed.  Incremental distances are provided to 0.10 kilometer which is suitable for providing route following instructions to the driver when combined with the tulip diagrams and the “helper” information.

ZR14 Road Book Notes

Sample Road Book Page For A Regularity Stage

A very nice feature of the services that Jens and the A-Team provide are the Regularity Stage photo books.  I have included a sample of the photo information.  The upper photo in the image below visually shows an instruction from ZR14 that is shown on the road book page above.  This upper photo is for the instruction at kilometer 35.2.  Refer to Instruction 136 on the road book page above.  This is a “Keep R SAP –> L4” type of instruction.  The yellow arrow in the photo below shows the route to be followed.  The red arrow points to the reference sign shown in the Information column of the road book.  This photo clearly augments the information provided in the Regularity Stage road book.

ZR14 PhotosSupplemental Photo Instruction Information

As can be seen, the road books that are provided by Jens and the A-Team are very useful for all competitors in the Historique Monte Carlo Rally.  And Jens’ offer to help an American entry in this rally is very generous.

To contact Jens and the A-Team let me know or check out their website directly at


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