Photos From The 2015 Perce Neige Rally

Lewis Myers of Shelburne, Ontario is a stage rally participant who often gets involved in servicing Subaru cars.  On February 7 Lewis attended the Perce Neige Rally in Maniwaki, Quebec where he was part of the crew servicing the winning Subaru Canada car driven by Antoine L’Estage/Alan Ockwell.   Lewis forwarded to me several photos that he was able to take while at the rally.

Subaru Service Area

Subaru Service & Display Area

The Subaru Canada rally car was prepared by Rocket Rally Racing which is the shop in British Columbia run by Patrick Richard.  In addition to the winning L’Estage/Ockwell car, Rocket Rally Racing also prepared a car for David Nickel/Leanne Junnila.  This car is shown below.

Rocket Built Car

A Subaru Prepared By Rocket Rally For David Nickel/Leanne Junnila

Lewis noted that it was nice to be able to use the shop at the Maniwaki High School to do some final preparation.  The warmth of the shop was as appreciated as much as the mechanical facilities.

Preping Car In High School

Using The Maniwaki High School Workshop To Ready The Car

LeStage Ockwell PN 2015

Final Preparations Underway

Former Canadian Rally Champion had a tough rally with his Mitsubishi Evo VI going off the road which caused him to DNF.

Frank Sprongl Off

Frank Sprongl/Brian Maxwell’s Rally Ended In The Ditch

The final results of the Perce Neige Rally, the first event in the Canadian Rally Championship, can be seen by clicking on the following file: 2015 Perce Neige Results


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