A 1936 Ford Rally Car

Recently I was looking at the website for Rally Preparation Services Limited which is one of the top rally preparation shops for endurance rallies in the UK.  They had prepared a Datsun 240Z for the Historique Monte Carlo Rallye that I was interested in.  While looking at some of the rally projects that Rally Preparation Services has been working on, I noticed a 1936 Ford five-window coupe that they were working up for the Road To Mandalay which is currently underway.

This car, which is show below, is currently owned by Jim and Tanya Clarke of the UK, but the Florida license plate on the car below suggests that the car originally came from the USA.

1936 Ford Rally car (2)

Jim Clarke/Tanya Clarke’s 1936 Ford Coupe At Rally Preparation Services Limited’s Shop

The 1936 Fords, especially the coupes have always been popular because of their attractive styling.  Also the famous Ford flathead V8 engine delivered good power for its time and with the V8 exhaust there is a rumbling sound that is always pleasant.

Ford Coupe 1936 (1)

Standard 1936 Five-Window Coupe

In 1936 the Fords were powered by a 221 cubic inch (about 3.6 liters) V8 engine that produced 85 horsepower at 3,800 rpm.  The vents along the hood were important as Ford was having some overheating problems with their cars.  The 1936 Fords also had an increased cooling system capacity and slightly larger front grille than the 1935 models in an attempt to improve the engine cooling.

Ford Coupe 1936 (4)

Despite The Large Trunk The Rear Wheel Is Mounted Outside

The interior of the Ford Coupe is not spacious but the trunk space provides room for the rally competitors to store tools, parts, and luggage needed for long distance rallies.  The flat dashboard provides a good surface for mounting navigation equipment and any other needed supplemental guages.

Ford Coupe 1936 (5)

Simple Interior With A Floor-Mounted Three-Speed Transmission

It is interesting that the rear window can be opened up which when combined with a front windshield that can be opened and the door windows provides for a well ventilated interior.

Ford Coupe 1936 (8)

Opening Rear Window Helps To Cool The Car’s Interior

The Ford model lineup for 1936 included a surprising number of model variants.  I have included a listing of the models, the 1936 prices, and production numbers.  As can be seen from the production numbers the five-window coupe was one of the most popular configurations of the 1936 Ford.

Ford 1936 Model Lineup

Ford’s Model Lineup For 1936

My favorite style of the 1936 Ford is the three-window coupe which I have shown below.  These cars are often called “business” coupes, as they were quite popular with the traveling salesmen that crisscrossed the country during those days showing customers their wares.  I am surprised that the three-window coupe was not the lowest priced model, but it appears that the three-window coupe only came in Deluxe trim.  The rear fender skirts shown on the coupe below were an option.

Ford 1936 3 window

The 1936 Three-Window Coupe Is Particularly Attractive

The picture below shows the Clarke 1936 Ford ready to participate in the Road To Mandalay Rally after some improvements by Rally Preparation Services.  It appears to be a very rugged car ready for the rough roads of southeast Asia.

1936 Ford Rally Car

The Jim Clarke/Tanya Clarke 1936 Ford Ready For The Road To Mandalay

As I noted, the Road to Mandalay rally is currently underway. For information about that rally check out the website for the Endurance Rally Association at www.endurorally.com

To see some of the other cars that Rally Preparation Services are working on check out their website at www.rpsrally.com


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