I Will Be Returning To The Baden Classic In 2015

I am pleased that Harald von Langsdorff has asked me to be his navigator again for the Baden Classic rally.  This will be the fifth time that I will be able to take part in this event.  It would have been the sixth time, but the first time that Harald asked me to navigate for him in this rally, the great volcanic ash cloud from Iceland shut down flights into Germany so I had to stay at home and miss the rally.


The rally will be held over two days in April in the Black Forest area of Germany with some possible rally distance in France as well.  I have always enjoyed the route and all of the places where the rally stops are interesting.


Break In The Action In 2014

Harald will be driving his white 1958 Mercedes-Benz 220S cabriolet that is shown above in the picture taken during a morning break in 2014.  The rally will be held a couple of weeks earlier than it was last year, so I hope that the weather once again allows us to compete with the top down.

Harald & I have usually finished near the top of our class, but this year the allowable years in our class has extended from before 1965 cars to before 1971 cars.  This will increase the car count in our class and the newer cars added to the class will have good performance in the test sections.  Our car is one of, if not the oldest car competing in the rally.


This Rally Attracts Some Interesting Cars

I will have a little more about this rally as the date of the rally nears.  For more information you can check out the event website at www.baden-classic-sport.de

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