Too Much Of A Good Thing!

In the winter I generally enjoy the snow.  I really don’t mind the snow during December, January, and February, but when March rolls around I’ve just about had it with the snow, I’ll want it to go away, so we can get on with spring and get my motorcycle out.  But lately here in the northeast USA we have had too much snow!  This winter started off very tame, as we had very little snow up until about mid-January, then things changed considerably.  Since that time we have had record amounts of snow.

I like the snow for winter car rallies, but enough is enough.  And this weekend I’ll be heading north into Vermont for the Winter Challenge rally where they likely have even more snow than at our house.


The Driveway Is A Sea Of Snow.  The Flash Of Red Is A Buried Car.

The banks along my driveway are about 4-1/2 feet high.  Because of the height of these banks my snowblower won’t blow the snow on top of the banks any longer so now my driveway is getting narrower and narrower because of the lack of useful snow storage area.

Out back, our deck is full of snow.  As can be seen from the photo below, the snow is approaching the top of the railing.  The snow is so deep on the ground that the forest animals are having a difficult time.  Deer have come out of the forest behind our house and have been eating some of our shrubbery.  At this time, I’m letting the deer do what they need to do to get through the winter.


Lots Of Snow On The Back Deck

I don’t like whiners and I hate it worse when I catch myself whining.  I realize snow brings good things like winter rallies and that the cold weather keeps many insects from thriving, but we now have enough of both snow and cold weather.


The Lumps Of Snow On The Right Are A Chair In Front Of A Barbeque

I suppose that there are many people who live in places that get a lot more snow than we are currently getting and are probably wondering what all the fuss is, but for me it is too much of a good thing.

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4 Responses to Too Much Of A Good Thing!

  1. Gary says:

    We had it here in the Midwest last winter. So far this year? below average snow. Can’t say I’m sad about that.

    Hang in there, only 38 days to spring.

    • Yes, I remember the unusual winter weather in the mid-west last week. Hopefully we do get a spring this year and not just go from piles of melting snow to 80-degree weather in two weeks.
      Steve McKelvie

      • Jay Nemeth-Johannes says:

        Actually, I’m OK with a quick transition. I am itching to get the Miata back out of storage.

  2. In New England the coming of spring does not guarantee relief from snow.

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