Final Standings At The 2015 Historique Monte Carlo Rallye

Now that the 2015 Historique Monte Carlo Rallye is over, the participants are now back home getting some much needed rest.  Also, many are reviewing the rally and going through the “would’a, could’a, should,a” analysis that many rallyists do after such an event in order to document lessons learned, identify unresolved problems for later solving, and to create a good reference for future competition in the same or similar events.

David Ring's Datsun 240Z

David Ring’s Datsun 240Z Looks Great In The Snow!

During this year’s Historique Monte Carlo Rallye, I had been closely following the results of David Ring and Peter Moss in their Datsun 240Z.  They were using the new GuagePilot in this rally for navigation and timing purposes.  They have been working closely with the developers of the GuagePilot to determine how well the unit performed.  This analysis will take place shortly.

A summary of the Overall Standings for the 2015 Historique Monte Carlo Rallye for all of the finishers can be seen by clicking on the attached file below:


This event is clearly quite challenging.  The schedule includes long days, the roads are filled with curves, the roads have lots of elevation changes, many of the roads are snow-covered, and there are a large number of competitors.  Sounds like a great rally to me!

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