2015 Historique Monte Carlo Rally Gets Underway

The 2015 Historique Monte Carlo Rally is underway.  This is one of the more popular winter rallies for classic cars in Europe.


As of yesterday all of the 301 starting entrants have left the five departure cities (Glasgow, Copenhagen, Torino, Rheims and Barcelona) as they follow their concentration routes as they all head toward Monaco.

Map Prep Image

Some Of The Crews Prepared Their Own Route Books

Before the leaving each departure city, all the competitors and their cars were examined during the administrative and mechanical check-ups.  The picture below shows one of the cars prepared by Rally Preparation Services going through scrutineering.

Monte Carlo Tech Inspection Rheims

Scrutineering In Rheims

After the concentration runs all of the crews will regroup today, Saturday, January 31st from 11 a.m. local time at the Time Control point of Saint-André-les-Alpes.  Here the crews will be getting ready for their first Regularity test (Saint-Jean-la- Rivière / Levens). After the Regularity test, all the cars will head to Parc Fermé on Port Hercule in Monaco.  From Monaco the major part of the rally will be held with a number of regularity runs.

I will have more on the Historique Monte Carlo Rally over the next couple of days.


All photos were provided by Rally Preparation Services Limited.

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