A Triumph TR4 In The Summer Alcan 5000 Rally

I got an email on Monday from Tim Burgess of Toronto.  Tim along with Janice Frolic competed in this past summer’s Alcan 5000 rally, from Seattle, Washington to Alaska, driving a Triumph TR4.


Janice And Tim With Their TR4 Before Staring Out On This Past Summer’s Alcan 5000 Rally

Tim included some nice things about the website in his message and he noted that a write up of his and Jan’s exploits on the Alcan 5000 this summer has been published in Moss Motoring magazine, both in print and on the website here: http://www.mossmotoring.com/alcan-5000/

The write-up is a great story and I recommend reading it.  Tim said that the Alcan 5000 was a fun adventure and that he now has plans to take part in the Winter Alcan 5000 in 2016 in the co-driver seat with Keith Barke in one of his Audis. Keith will again be in the Vintage class which Keith won in his Audi Quattro UR this past summer.

For more information on the Alcan 5000 check out the event’s website at www.alcan5000.com


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