Low Mileage Daimler SP 250 “Office” Find

I have been contacted by a person who recently purchased a 1962 Daimler SP 250 which had been in an office for around 30 years.  These cars were not particularly commonly in North America and only somewhat successful in the United Kingdom.

SP250 018

1962 Daimler SP 250 Now In The Shop

This Daimler SP 250 has an automatic transmission and according to the 81-year-old 2nd owner, the car was kept indoors for most of its life.  The odometer shows 13,838 miles and the car runs on its original tires.  The new owner has all the import documentation papers and bill of sales.  He is convinced that the mileage indicated on the odometer is the total actual mileage that this car has traveled.

SP250 001

Daimler SP 250 In The Office With The Hardtop Fitted And The Original Whitewall Tires

The Daimler Company Limited was taken over by Jaguar in 1960.  This particular car was ordered by the owner of the Jaguar dealership in St John’s, Newfoundland in 1962. It was driven by him only, and according to his family, it was never out in the rain. The second owner had the car in his office for the last 30 years, as he had walls built around it so that it could not be taken out of the building.  That owner would start the car every year and let it run for while to make sure that it would still start.

SP250 014

Daimler SP 250 With The Original Newfoundland License Plate

The current owner has informed me that there is lots of documentation with the car.  Among the documentation is a letter that was sent to the widow of the original owner, Mr M. J. Duff,  by a man who wanted to buy the vehicle from her after her husband had passed. In the letter the prospective buyer stated that he had talked with Mr Duff and that Mr Duff had told him that there had only been three Daimler SP 250 cars built like this one and that one had been given to the Queen of England, one to an American auctioneer and the one he had.  The current owner is not sure what to make of this.

SP250 012

The Car Is Unusually Equipped With Radio & Automatic Transmission

The later models of the Daimler SP 250 cars were available with automatic transmission with the intent of increasing sales in the USA.  I understand that the radio might not have been common.

SP250 008

Steering Wheel & Dash Are Somewhat Plain

I think that it would be unusual to find one of these cars with so few miles on it and one that has been kept in such an environment for many years.  Make no mistake, having a car just sit around for many years can result in certain problems, the rubber components deteriorate for example, but in general the body and mechanical components are not damaged too much by this relative inactivity.

SP250 009

Only 13,838 Miles On The Odometer

To my mind what makes the Daimler SP 250 a special car is the engine.  It is a 2.5 liter V8 engine with a hemispherical head design.   The engine produced 140 horsepower and powered the SP 250 from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 10 seconds.

SP250 003

Dust On The SP 250’s Hemi Head Engine

At this time the current owner is researching how this particular car fits into the overall history of the Daimler SP 250 production.  The history of this particular car is very well documented.

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2 Responses to Low Mileage Daimler SP 250 “Office” Find

  1. Evan Gamblin says:

    Steve: The Jaguar Heritage people should be able to supply info for 1959 and later Daimlers.
    Their certificate showing details such as body and engine numbers, colours, options and the original dealer’s name costs GBP 45 from: http://www.jaguarheritage.com/
    A neighbour of ours ran one of these from new, and was very pleased with it.

    • Hi Evan,
      From what I understand, the current owner has lots of documentation on this car. He is curious about its uniqueness as it is a left-hand-drive model fitted with an automatic transmission and other features such as a radio. As a result he is looking for a summary of production numbers for various models and years. Perhaps the Jaguar Heritage folks have that information as well.
      Steve McKelvie

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