Unfortunate News Leads To Changes This Weekend

I had planned on going up to Quebec this weekend to compete the historical Perce Neige rally.  This is an all night time-speed-distance rally that will go from LaChute to Maniwaki, Quebec.  The route will use many of the roads that have been used over the last 50 years in the Perce Neige stage rallies.  In addition to the great roads, there are prizes worth $2,500 up for grabs.

Unfortunately my driver’s car is now unavailable.  His car had been significantly damaged last winter.  Only last Friday, the car had been fully repaired and it was ready to go to Quebec.  It was decided to leave the car with the repair people for a couple of more days to have it tested to ensure everything was ready to go.  Unfortunately during a test drive on Sunday the car wound up in a ditch, upside down.  The car is now damaged much more than it had been after last winter.  Not only does this change our plans for the weekend, the future of the car is in doubt.  This is a particularly sad story after all of the time. effort, and money had been just spent to get the repaired.

It now looks like this weekend I’ll be out working on the finishing the route for this spring’s Mass Challenge rally scheduled for April 25.

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