Reports From The 2015 Historique Monte Carlo Rallye

This year I hope to be able to get daily reports/stories from one of the competitors in the 2015 Historique Monte Carlo Rallye.   One of the competitors is owner/driver David Ring who along with his navigator, Peter Moss, will be entering a 1972 Datsun 240Z in this year’s Historique Monte Carlo Rallye.  David will be sending some notes about their progress in the rally.  I don’t expect to get a great deal of information because this rally is quite time demanding and their first priority has to be meeting the challenges of competing in the rally.

datsun 240Z (2)

 David Ring’s 1972 Datsun 240Z Being Prepared For The 2015 Historique Monte Carlo Rallye

The Datsun 240Z will be competing as Car #154 during the rally.  David and Peter will be starting the rally from Rheims.  Rheims is a very popular starting place, as I understand about 119 of the approximate field of 310 cars will be starting from there on January 30.  The official start time in Rheims is 19:00, so the fellows will have a long night.

Datsun 240Z (1)

The Datsun 240Z Is Fitted With A GuagePilot

Working with Hambly Industries, a GaugePilot unit is now installed in their Datsun 240Z and is now undergoing pre-event trials to ensure all is well and identify any little tweaks.  They have also installed a prototype drivers display to give the David his own information screen.  This will allow the driver and navigator to draw the information they need from the GaugePilot unit. In addition, they have 3D printed the console mount and also the mounting plate for the 4 accessories switches and are very pleased with the result.


Early Version Of The GuagePilot In Rally Mode

The GuagePilot is a new product from Hambly Industries that has been developed for owners of classic cars who can benefit from increased knowledge about the maintenance and operation of their car and who also might use the car in a rally.  All of this is packaged in a guage that is styled after the legendary Halda Speedpilot.  The guage is still under development and this use in the 2015 Historique Monte Carlo Rallye will be the first known use of the GuagePilot in competition.

GuagePilot Brochure

GuagePilot Flyer

I look forward to seeing how the fellows do in the 2015 Historique Monte Carlo Rallye and to find out about the performance of the GuagePilot.  As I noted earlier, the rally is very time demanding, but I hope to get some small insights into this major classic rally.

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