2015 19 Captitales Historico To Be Held March 2 – 7, 2015

The 2015 19 Capitales Historico rally will be held in Uruguay from March 2 to March 7, 2015.  This is one of the major classic car rallies in South America.  The country of Uruguay is made up of 19 provinces.  Over the course of this five-day rally, the rally route will go through the capital cities of each of these 19 provinces, hence the title of the rally, 19 Capitales Historico.  The rally starts in Montevideo and returns there five days later for the finish.

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Start Of The 2014 19 Capitales Historico

The rally is very popular with well over 100 cars expected the enter.  Also the event is very popular with the general public, as many spectators will view the rally.  Part of this is because the rally route has portions that go through the major cities in Uruguay, putting the cars in front of the maximum number of people possible.  This is good for the participants and the sponsors.

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The 19 Capitales Historico Is Quite Popular With The Uruguay People

This rally is limited to cars that are no newer than 1981 and the field is subdivided into various classes based on the age of the cars.


This Nice Karman Ghia Is Typical Of The Competitors’ Cars

The climate of Uruguay is such that the cars are able to escape the ravages of road salt that is so common in North America.  The field of cars that take part in this rally is very impressive.

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An IKA Torino, Based On The Rambler American

I have been asked by one team, who have competed in this event before, to review their methods used in the rally in order to help them improve their scores.  As a result, I have been looking at the event rules, scoring methods and typical route instructions.  Below is the cover of the 2014 Day 1 Route Instructions.

Day 1 2014 Route Book Cover

Route Instructions Book From 2014 Day 1

For more information on this event you can check out the event website at www.19capitaleshistorico.com

The timing used on this event is very precise, as the entry time at the controls is measured to 1/100 second.  The instructions and timing are something like the “jogularity” instructions used in some English rallies.  The event has a large field of cars and it is very competitive.  Good timing, communications, and car control is needed in order to do well.  Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be developing a suggested plan for this team.

Information about the 19 Capitales Historico rally that is in about 50% English can be seen by clicking on the following file: librillo-19-capitales


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