2015 Dakar Rally – Stage 9 Results

Today’s Stage 9 took the competitors from Iquique to Calama, both in Chile.  The day started off with a 51 kilometer transit to the DSS where the competitors embarked on a 450 kilometer competitive stage.  The competitive stage was followed by a short 37 kilometer transit into Calama, Chile.

Stage 9 Route

Stage 9 Route

The profile of this route is shown below.  As can be seen the rally route rose substantially into the Andes as the competitors approached Calama.

Stage 9 Profile

Stage 9 Profile

Today’s Car Class stage was won by Nani Roma in his Mini.  He finished a whopping 6 minutes ahead of Nasser Al-Attiyah, who in turn was about 9 minutes ahead of third place finisher, Valsilyev.  The top three finishers were all in Minis.  Coming in fourth was the Toyota of Gineil DeVilliers.  The times were a little spread out today which suggests that many teams had some problems to a certain extent.  Devilliers’ stage time was about 16 minutes behind Al-Attiyah.  Apparently DeVilliers lost a lot of time looking for a waypoint.  Navigation is always very important in the Dakar Rally.

Nani Roma Winning Stage 9

Nani Roma Winning Stage 9

The results in Stage 9 of the Car Class are as shown below.

2015 Dakar Rally Car Class – Stage 9 Results

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation
2 AL-ATTIYAH (QAT)BAUMEL (FRA) MINI 04:48:23 00:06:27
3 VASILYEV (RUS)ZHILTSOV (RUS) MINI 04:57:48 00:15:52
6 HOLOWCZYC (POL)PANSERI (FRA) MINI 05:11:26 00:29:30
7 TERRANOVA (ARG)GRAUE (ARG) MINI 05:12:30 00:30:34
8 GORDON (USA)CAMPBELL (USA) GORDINI 05:17:55 00:35:59
9 DESPRES (FRA)PICARD (FRA) PEUGEOT 05:27:18 00:45:22
10 LACHAUME (FRA)BRUCY (FRA) OPTIMUS 05:27:31 00:45:35

I am not impressed at all by Roma winning this stage.  I have mentioned this before, but his role, following a 7 hour time loss on the first stage, is to carry parts and act as fast service for the other Mini entrants.  This quite important.  Al-Attiyah in a Mini is leading, but behind him are two very capable Toyota entrants.  If Al-Attiyah runs into trouble, then it is highly likely that a Toyota will win.  So from a Mini perspective, the team must get Al-Attiyah to the finish line.  Under no circumstances should Roma be running ahead of Al-Attiyah and preferably would be running right with him to assist mechanically or offer input should some navigational arise where input from Roma’s navigator might be helpful.  Roma just doesn’t seem to get it.  If I was in the Mini Team management, then I would be thinking very hard about this behavior when filling seats next year.

Nani Roma After Stage 9 Win

Why is Nani Roma Smiling? He Soiled Himself Today

Al-Attiyah has opened up a 24 minute lead on Devilliers.  At this point in the rally this is becoming a significant lead.

The overall Car Class standings after Stage 9 are shown below.

2015 Dakar Rally Car Class – Standings After Stage 9

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation Penalty
1 AL-ATTIYAH (QAT)BAUMEL (FRA) MINI 31:29:38 00:02:00
4 HOLOWCZYC (POL)PANSERI (FRA) MINI 32:47:19 01:17:41
5 VAN LOON (NLD)ROSEGAAR (NLD) MINI 34:11:24 02:41:46 00:40:00
6 LAVIEILLE (FRA)MAIMON (FRA) TOYOTA 34:21:17 02:51:39
7 VASILYEV (RUS)ZHILTSOV (RUS) MINI 34:32:19 03:02:41
8 SOUSA (PRT)FIUZA (PRT) MITSUBISHI 35:03:13 03:33:35 00:40:00
9 TEN BRINKE (NLD)COLSOUL (BEL) TOYOTA 35:03:45 03:34:07
10 RAKHIMBAYEV (KAZ)NIKOLAEV (RUS) MINI 35:11:02 03:41:24 00:00:30

In the Bike Class Rodrigues had a nice win on his Honda.  This was special because Rodriques had spent much of the previous stage giving Joan Barreda a tow.

Rodriques Wins Stage 9

Rodrigues Won Stage 9

Goncalves on his Honda is starting to put the heat on Coma.  Goncalves finished a little over 3 1/2 minutes ahead of Coma.  So up until a couple of days ago Coma had to look ahead to see Barreda, now he has to look over his shoulder at Goncalves.

The top 10 results of Stage 9 in the Bike Class are shown below.

2015 Dakar Rally Bike Class – Stage 9 Results

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation Penalty
2 GONCALVES (PRT) HONDA 05:10:05 00:03:51
3 COMA (ESP) KTM 05:13:48 00:07:34
4 PIZZOLITO (ARG) HONDA 05:26:21 00:20:07
5 SVITKO (SVK) KTM 05:27:54 00:21:40
6 PRICE (AUS) KTM 05:29:23 00:23:09
7 QUINTANILLA (CHL) KTM 05:29:29 00:23:15
8 PAIN (FRA) YAMAHA 05:34:23 00:28:09
9 CASTEU (FRA) KTM 05:34:26 00:28:12
10 BARREDA BORT (ESP) HONDA 05:41:01 00:34:47 00:15:00

The picture below shows Rodrigues enjoying his Stage 9 victory.

Rodriques After Stage 9

Rodrigues Enjoying His Stage Victory

Looking at the top rungs in the overall standings in the Bike Class there is a sea of KTM riders and one Honda rider, Goncalves.  This must be a little nerve-wracking for the KTM people.  Winning is very important.  Having six of the top seven riders be KTM bikes is impressive, but unless the top one is a KTM, I think the KTM people would consider this a mediocre showing.

2015 Dakar Rally Bike Class – Standings After Stage 9

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation Penalty
1 COMA (ESP) KTM 34:05:00
2 GONCALVES (PRT) HONDA 34:10:28 00:05:28
3 QUINTANILLA (CHL) KTM 34:31:52 00:26:52
4 PRICE (AUS) KTM 34:36:31 00:31:31
5 SVITKO (SVK) KTM 34:45:36 00:40:36
6 CASTEU (FRA) KTM 35:36:26 01:31:26
7 FARIA (PRT) KTM 35:46:22 01:41:22 00:40:00
8 SANZ PLA-GIRIBERT (ESP) HONDA 35:59:37 01:54:37
9 JAKES (SVK) KTM 36:23:31 02:18:31
10 PAIN (FRA) YAMAHA 36:41:13 02:36:13

I am curious how the factory teams manage the remainder of the event from their various perspectives.

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