2015 Dakar Rally – Stage 8 (Bike Class Only)

Today the complexion of the Bike Class changed considerably.  Evidently it was not possible for Barreda to borrow a set of handlebars from other team members during the marathon stage.  As a result Barreda fell way back today as he had to be towed for much of the stage.  His main rival this year, Marc Coma, did not have any major problems and was able to take over the Overall lead.

Today’s Stage 8 winner was Quintanilla on a Honda.  It was a narrow 11 second victory over Pedrero Garcia on a Yamaha and 12 seconds over third place Svitko on a KTM.  Even the 4th place finisher, the rookie Australian, Price on a KTM was only 41 seconds adrift of the stage winner Quintanilla.

Quintanilla Winning Stage 8

Quintanilla On His Way To Winning Stage 8

The top 10 finishers for Stage 8 are listed below.

2015 Dakar Rally Bike Class – Stage 8 Results

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation
2 PEDRERO GARCIA (ESP) YAMAHA 02:56:30 00:00:11
3 SVITKO (SVK) KTM 02:56:31 00:00:12
4 PRICE (AUS) KTM 02:57:00 00:00:41
5 SANZ PLA-GIRIBERT (ESP) HONDA 02:58:55 00:02:36
6 DE SOULTRAIT (FRA) YAMAHA 03:02:55 00:06:36
7 DUCLOS (FRA) SHERCO TVS 03:03:01 00:06:42
8 VOGELS (NLD) KTM 03:03:53 00:07:34
9 COMA (ESP) KTM 03:03:56 00:07:37
10 FARIA (PRT) KTM 03:04:03 00:07:44

Barreda finished in 74th position on Stage 8, approximately 3 hours and 6 minutes behind Quintanilla.

One bright spot for the Honda team was the continued great performance by Laia Sanz, who finished in 5th position in today’s Stage 8.

Laia Sanz After Stage 8

Laia Sanz Is All Smiles After Stage 8

The overall Bike Class standings are presented below.

2015 Dakar Rally Bike Class Overall Standings After Stage 8

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation Penalty
1 COMA (ESP) KTM 28:51:12
2 GONCALVES (PRT) HONDA 29:00:23 00:09:11
3 QUINTANILLA (CHL) KTM 29:02:23 00:11:11
4 PRICE (AUS) KTM 29:07:08 00:15:56
5 SVITKO (SVK) KTM 29:17:42 00:26:30
6 FARIA (PRT) KTM 29:25:46 00:34:34
7 DUCLOS (FRA) SHERCO TVS 29:49:20 00:58:08 00:15:00
8 CASTEU (FRA) KTM 30:02:00 01:10:48
9 SANZ PLA-GIRIBERT (ESP) HONDA 30:10:03 01:18:51
10 JAKES (SVK) KTM 30:38:59 01:47:47

Barreda is now done as far as winning the 2015 Dakar Rally.  He now is in 16th position approximately 2 hours 52 minutes behind Coma.

Coma After Stage 8

That Far Off Look In Marc Coma’s Eyes Sees Another Dakar Victory

Tomorrow the cars and the bikes join up again for Stage 9.

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