Smiths Rally Stopwatch

Several weeks ago I posted a note about a Smiths dashboard clock that I had bought.  It did not suit my needs or anyone who might be looking for a mechanical or wind-up time-of-day clock for rally purposes.  Shortly after that post, I sold it to Bob Vogel, a fellow who does not live too far from me in Massachusetts.  He is going to use the Smiths dashboard clock in his Lotus 7.

I do have another Smiths product, a stopwatch, that is a very good watch.  This stopwatch is shown below.


Smith’s Rally Timer

The clock, with a face size of just over two inches, is a little on the large size compared to other mechanical, analog stopwatches.  The crown stem is used to wind the clock and when the clock is stopped, pushing the crown stem will return the hands to zero.

The push button on the left side of the crown stem is for starting and stopping the stopwatch.  I found that the watch fits in my hand well and it is easy to use.  Having a 30 minute once-around display is suitable for most rally legs.  The smallest division on the clock face is 1/5 second.

The stopwatch is encased in a plastic body that seems fairly robust.  The size of the encasement also makes the stopwatch bigger.  There is a neck strap or cord built into the plastic body which makes the watch quite mobile and hands-free.


The Flat Back Is User Friendly For Velcro Applications

The back of the stopwatch encasement is flat which is very good to use as a base for applying Velcro to keep the watch in place on a dashboard or on a rally board.

Overall, if you are looking for a basic windup stopwatch reading in minutes and seconds, then this would be a good one to have.  As you might expect, these are not new stopwatches, but they are relatively easy to obtain, as there is frequently one for sale on eBay.

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