2015 Dakar Rally – Stage 8 Results

Today is sort of confusing with the Car Class racing on a different course than the Car Class.  Yesterday the Bike Class had the day off and they spent their rest day in the bivouac at Iquique.  While the Bike Class rested the Car Class followed the Stage 7 route to Uyuni, Bolivia.  Today the Car Class heads back to the bivouac in Iquique, Chile following the Stage 8 route, while the Bike Class will follow the Stage 7 route to Uyuni that the Cars did yesterday.  Tomorrow the Car Class will rest at the bivouac in Iquique while the Bike Class will follow the Stage 8 route from Uyuni back to the Iquique bivouac.  The following day the cars and the bikes will all follow the same route on the same day.

I have included the Stage 8 route below which the Car Class entrants are following.  You can refer to my post yesterday for the details of the Stage 7 route that the Bike Class is following.

Stage 8 Route

Stage 8 Route

For Stage 8 the Car Class has a short 24 kilometer transit to the start (DSS) and then they begin a 784 kilometer speed stage that ultimately leads to the bivouac at Iquique, Chile.  Of that 784 kilometer distance, 274 kilometers are neutralized.

Stage 8 Profile

Stage 8 Profile

The profile of Stage 8 reads from left (DSS) to right (ASS).  As you can see, most of the speed stage will be at elevations greater than 3,900 meters which causes health problems for the drivers.  About 60% of the route looks relatively flat compared to most Dakar stages.  In the last 20% of the stage, the route drops down to the bivouac in Iquique.

The winner of today Stage 8 was a Dakar rookie Alrajhi in a Toyota with a 1 minute 12 second victory over Terranova in a Mini.

From the overall competition point of view Al-Attiyah managed to stay ahead of DeVilliers, but only by 13 seconds.  A very small difference given the length of the stage.

Robby Gordon finished in 43rd position today, approximately 1 hour and 7 minutes behind the leader.

The results of the Car Class on Stage 8 are shown below.

2015 Dakar Rally Car Class – Stage 8 Results

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation
2 TERRANOVA (ARG)GRAUE (ARG) MINI 03:28:01 00:01:12
3 AL-ATTIYAH (QAT)BAUMEL (FRA) MINI 03:29:25 00:02:36
5 HOLOWCZYC (POL)PANSERI (FRA) MINI 03:30:01 00:03:12
6 ROMA (ESP)PERIN (FRA) MINI 03:30:13 00:03:24
8 VASILYEV (RUS)ZHILTSOV (RUS) MINI 03:32:49 00:06:00
9 GARAFULIC (CHL)PALMEIRO (PRT) MINI 03:36:58 00:10:09
10 SOUSA (PRT)FIUZA (PRT) MITSUBISHI 03:38:06 00:11:17

Al-Attiyah continues to lead the Car Class overall.  I must apologize for not having followed the mathematics of aggregate timing.  Note that on time Al-Attiyah leads by 8 minutes over Devilliers, but Al-Attiyah has a 2 minute penalty.  I think that the penalty is included in the time, but I can not be sure at this time.  That 2 minute penalty that Al-Attiyah was assigned on Stage 1, might become very important before the 2015 Dakar Rally is over.

Attiyah Waits Start Stage 8

Al-Attiyah Waiting To Enter The Start Control On Stage 8

It is now noticeable that the Toyota team is slowly replacing to Mini team from the overall listing of the front runners.

The overall Car Class standings after Stage 8 are shown below.

2015 Dakar Rally – Car Class Overall Standings After Stage 8

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation Penalty
1 AL-ATTIYAH (QAT)BAUMEL (FRA) MINI 26:41:15 00:02:00
4 HOLOWCZYC (POL)PANSERI (FRA) MINI 27:35:53 00:54:38
5 TEN BRINKE (NLD)COLSOUL (BEL) TOYOTA 28:04:07 01:22:52
6 VAN LOON (NLD)ROSEGAAR (NLD) MINI 28:07:06 01:25:51
7 LAVIEILLE (FRA)MAIMON (FRA) TOYOTA 28:29:56 01:48:41
9 SOUSA (PRT)FIUZA (PRT) MITSUBISHI 28:48:28 02:07:13
10 CHABOT (FRA)PILLOT (FRA) SMG 29:08:05 02:26:50

In The Bike Class judging from the pictures and the times, Joan Barreda had quite a ride on Stage 7 today.

Barreda End Stage 7

Joan Barreda Must Have Had A Fall

This is a marathon stage where the riders get no help from a service crew.  I hope that someone on the Honda team gives up their handlebar!

Barreda End Stage 7 (2)

Barreda Has A Handlebar Problem

With Barreda’s problem, Coma managed to gain 6 minutes on Barreda.  Some rookies, Walkner, Quintanilla, and Price had a very good stage finishing near the top.  The stage winner was Goncalves on a Honda in a front of four KTM bikes.  One of those bikes was Coma who was only 14 seconds behind.

The results of the Bike Class on Stage 7 are presented below.

2015 Dakar Rally Bike Class – Stage 7 Results

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation
2 COMA (ESP) KTM 03:56:14 00:00:14
3 WALKNER (AUT) KTM 03:56:30 00:00:30
4 QUINTANILLA (CHL) KTM 03:57:32 00:01:32
5 PRICE (AUS) KTM 03:57:49 00:01:49
6 RODRIGUES (PRT) HONDA 04:00:05 00:04:05
7 SVITKO (SVK) KTM 04:01:09 00:05:09
8 VAN NIEKERK (ZAF) KTM 04:02:06 00:06:06
9 VILADOMS (ESP) KTM 04:02:10 00:06:10
10 BARREDA BORT (ESP) HONDA 04:02:13 00:06:13

Tomorrow will depend upon how Barreda is able to fix up his bike.  He only has a 6 minute lead over Coma and his bike has to be in good shape or else Barreda will fall down the standings.

Goncalves Wins Stage 7

Honda’s Stage 7 Winner Goncalves Might Have To Challenge KTM Rider Coma 

The overall standings after Stage 7 are shown below.

2015 Dakar Rally Bike Class – Standings After Stage 7

Pos. Name Marque Time Variation Penalty
2 COMA (ESP) KTM 25:47:16 00:06:28
3 GONCALVES (PRT) HONDA 25:51:47 00:10:59
4 QUINTANILLA (CHL) KTM 26:06:04 00:25:16
5 PRICE (AUS) KTM 26:10:08 00:29:20
6 RODRIGUES (PRT) HONDA 26:14:44 00:33:56
7 SVITKO (SVK) KTM 26:21:11 00:40:23
8 FARIA (PRT) KTM 26:21:43 00:40:55
9 DUCLOS (FRA) SHERCO TVS 26:46:19 01:05:31 00:15:00
10 CASTEU (FRA) KTM 26:57:40 01:16:52

There is never a dull moment at the Dakar!

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