2015 Ohio Winter Rally Scheduled For Early February

This year’s Ohio Winter Rally will be held on Saturday, February 7, 2015.   Rallymaster, Greg Lester, sent me a notice and some additional information about this event.  The Ohio Winter Rally will be a straightforward Time-Speed-Distance road rally through the Lake Erie “snowbelt” counties of far northeast Ohio.  The rally will start at DiBella’s Subs, 30050 Aurora Rd. (SR 43), Solon, Ohio and end 150 miles later back at the same location.

The rally competitors can expect an absolutely straightforward, gimmick-free time-speed-distance (TSD) road rally.  The emphasis will be on precise timing at well-placed controls.

A columnar “tulip” route instruction format will be used.  Redundant, clarifying instructions will be included anywhere that there is any question of route-following ambiguity.  Ample transit mileage will be included to allow competitors to traverse sensitive areas without disturbing residents, and enjoy the route.

The rally’s difficulty is dictated by local road and weather conditions.  A few years ago I got a good explanation of the northeast Ohio winter weather conditions from the rallymaster, Greg Lester.  Greg pointed out that northeast Ohio is the most downwind location of Lake Erie in the Ohio Region.  In most winters the snow will fall in good quantities throughout January and early February.  In the early part of February, the surface of Lake Erie will likely freeze over.  Once the ice surface forms on Lake Erie, then the source of the warmer, damp air caused by the water in Lake Erie is cut off.  This reduces the lake-effect snowfall directly.  As a result of this local weather knowledge, Greg Lester schedules the Ohio Winter Rally at the time of year when the snow conditions are most favorable.

For further information you can contact, rallymaster, Greg Lester. Ph.(330) 256-6531, WGregoryLester@gmail.com

A the bottom of this post I have attached  an entry form file  that includes more information about the rally.

Looking ahead to 2016, next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the 1st Ohio Winter Rally.  The “OWR” was first organized in 1966 by the MG Car Club, Lake Erie Centre, in cooperation with the Marshall Mustang Owners’ Club.  It was a standard feature on the MG Car Club’s annual competition calendar through the 1980’s, before finding its current home with Neohio Region, SCCA.  It was a qualifying event through the entire history of the long-lamented Ohio Rally Championship (ORC) series.

Greg wants to document some of the lore of OWR’s past, and recognize those whose lapses of judgment have made the event so memorable.  Therefore if you have any OWR memorabilia (entry lists, results, old MG Messengers, etc.) or incriminating stories to share that would be great.  One of the things that they want to do is to identify the years/locations/individuals involved in a variety of the rally’s mishaps so that we can visit the sites, and marvel at the perps’ ingenuity.

As always, volunteers are needed to do course prechecks, handle on-site registration, staff controls, provide radio communications, and help with scoring.

I have competed in this rally before and I am proud to say that we (Frank Byers and I) had no significant lapses in judgement, so no “corners” will be named after Frank and I.  I think that I have photographic evidence of a blue colored car which we had the drive around as it was getting extracted from the ditch.  That car has the distinction of being one of very few cars that I have seen go off the road in a straight section of a TSD rally.

For more information and for the entry form for the 2015 Ohio Winter Rally, please click on the following link:

OWR 2015 Entry Form


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