Another Book About “Gatso” Added To My Library

My final Christmas gift arrived on Tuesday.  My wife was kind enough to look at my wish list and she bought me the second book about Maurice Gatsonides, who was known widely in the rally community as “Gatso”.   The book’s title in fact is “Gatso, The Never Ending Race.”  Gatso is generally acknowledged as the first full time professional rally driver.  I have his first book which was written in the early 1950s, just before he won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1953.  This book was written in 1993, after he had retired from rallying.

Gatso Book Front Cover

The Book’s Front Cover Illustrates The Aspects Of Gatsonides’ Career Covered In The Book

The book is very well illustrated with photos, drawings, cartoons, letters, and newspaper accounts.  It appears to be very readable.

Gatso Book Back Cover

The Topics Covered Spill Over Onto The Back Cover

Maurice Gatsonides died in 1998, and it is clear that he led a very full life as an adventurer, rally car driver, and inventor.  As I look through the book, I can see many parallels between Maurice Gatsonides and the American race car driver, John Fitch.

I look forward to reading this book and I’m sure that I’ll be sharing some rally stories about this very interesting and talented man.

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