The WesTek Rally Timer Is A Useful Rally Timer

Every once in a while, I will dig into my rally navigator’s tool box to present some of the car rally navigation equipment that I have on hand.  This time I want to discuss my WesTek Rally Timer.  This is clock/timer that was manufactured in the 1980s/90s by WesTek Products, Inc. in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I believe that Westek Products, Inc. is now no longer in business.

I like this clock because it is a very versatile timer.  I can use it as a clock with the time of day or I can use it as a stopwatch, or finally it can be used as a checkpoint timer.  The other versatile characteristic of this clock is that the units can be set to display either minutes and seconds or the clock can be changed to read in minutes and 1/100ths of a minute.

WesTek Timer 3

WesTek Rally Tyme Timer

The WesTek clock is rather compact.  The width is just under 4-inches (100mm) with a height of 2-3/4 inches (70mm), and a thickness of about 1-1/2 inches (35mm).  The time display is a suitable size with four digits about 1/2-inches (12mm) high.  There is no light nor are the digit lit, so each navigator has to provide an auxiliary light in order to use the timer for night-time rallies.

The four-digit display does not include an hour display, but frankly keeping track of what the hour time is should not be very challenging for any navigator.  Navigators should always have 2 or 3 sources of time in the car.  Personally I always have three sources of time, because if you only have two sources of time and one of the clocks goes off time then how do you know which one is wrong?  Three sources of time solves that potential problem.

WesTek Timer 4

The Back Of The WesTek Timer Is An Excellent Area For Velcro

The timer is powered by four AA batteries that are accessed by removing the face plate of the timer that is held in place by four screws.  The compact size of the timer makes it easy for the navigator to find an adequate and useful place for the WesTek timer in the car.  The smooth back of the clock with no battery access areas to worry about makes it easy to use Velcro to mount the timer.

The clock came with simple instructions written on a folded 8-1/2 inch by 4 inch sheet of paper with instructions on both sides.  I have included a copy of both sides of the instruction sheet in this post.

WesTek Clock Instructions 1

Users Will Find The WesTek Timer Easy To Use

WesTek Clock Instructions 2

WesTek Rally Timer Instructions

These clocks are not commonly seen these days and I don’t think that they ever were particularly popular.  My WesTek clock is a well-used clock that I bought from Tim Chevalier.  Tim’s Dad, Karl, an avid and accomplished rally competitor, had been the original purchaser of the clock.

By the way, I’ll always be grateful to Tim for probably saving my life, his life, and also Hal Denham’s life as well.  Late one night when we were coming home from a rally in New Hampshire and Tim, who was driving the car, had to deal with an on coming car being driven erratically at a high speed by a drunk driver.  Tim’s cool-headed driving and assessment of the situation resulted in only a very scary situation that I will never forget.

The WesTek rally timer is a very useful rally timing instrument.  If you get a chance to buy one at a good price, then go ahead and do so.  I don’t think that you will regret it.

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