Great Race Now Reserving Entry Spots For 2016 Running

A sign that interest in the Great Race is high is that the Great Race organizers are now accepting reserved entries into the 2016 Great Race.  At this time neither the route nor the exact schedule have been announced for the 2016 Great Race.  In fact, we are now still about 6 months away from the 2015 Great Race!  However people are reserving their entry in the 2016 event.

The interest in the Great Race is strong for several reasons.  There is a strong collector car market in the USA and the Great Race provides a “great” venue for the owners of collector cars to both show off and drive their collector cars.  The other reason is that the Great Race organizers know how to put on a “great” show.  By having a field of collector type or interesting older cars, the event becomes one huge rolling car show.  The starts are a big event, the lunch breaks are held as a triumphant entrance to the host town, and the every evening is a car show.  These are the types of activities that develop an interest and promote participation in the event.  Spectators see the event and want to become part of event.  This also helps to attract sponsors.

GR1 Hudson 1916 (2)

Interest In The Great Race Is Strong

The approach used by the Great Race could be used by other rally events.  If you want to generate interest in an event, then you must have an event that people notice and want to become of.  I have been in car rallies in the past, where the organizers have specifically banned any stickers on the entrants’ cars because they might be “noticed”.  Those organizers are reaping what they have sown.  If you hide a legitimate car rally, then you can’t complain when the field shrinks.  A hidden car rally will not generate new competitors and is counter-productive to attracting sponsors.

Judging by how fast that the field was filled for the 2015 Great Race, potential entrants into the 2016 Great Race should give serious consideration to reserving their entry at this time.  Details are available on the Great Race website: www,

Don’t be surprised if the 2016 Great Race fills up very shortly after the completion of the 2015 running of the Great Race.

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