Great Shell 4000 Rally Website!

Further to my post yesterday about Dave Clark looking for participants in the Shell 4000 rally, I would be remiss not to mention a website that has a tremendous amount of information about Shell 4000 rally.  Even if you are only mildly interested in this significant rally, please check out

I have included a couple of images borrowed from that website of Volvo PV cars from the first Shell 4000 Rally in 1961.

Shell 4000 1961_77-01

A Volvo Crew At A Time Control

The website is due to the work of Marcel Chichak who undertook to preserve as much information about the Shell 4000 as he could.  As I understand it Marcel is not a collector of Shell 4000 items, rather he borrows documents from people, scans the documents, and uploads the scans onto this website.  All material is returned to its owner.

Shell 4000 1961_91-01

Another Volvo PV At The Finish Of The Shell 4000

If you have any information that could add to the available information on this event, then contact Marcel Chichak at the following address: marcel at starchak dot ca

Marcel has been working on the Shell 4000 project for well over 10 years and he has done a wonderful job of preserving the history of this major rally.  Thank you Marcel!

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