New American 1000 Mile Long Rally Announced For 2015

The Vintage Car Rally Association (VCRA) is putting on a special, one time only rally in August 2015 to celebrate their 10th year in sanctioning vintage car rallies. The rally, to be known as “The Mid-America 1000” will be based in Conway, Arkansas from August 9th to the 15th.

I have attached a map of Arkansas.  You can find Conway about 30 miles north of Little Rock, just off Interstate 40.

Arkansas Map 1

I Have Added A Circle Around Conway, Arkansas

The rally will be a multiday, 1000 mile long, “cloverleaf” type rally through the Ozark Mountains and some of the nearby flatlands as well.  Each night the cars will return to same base hotel, therefore it will not be necessary to pack and unpack each day and any service crews will not have to “chase” the cars.  The base hotel will be the Hilton Garden Inn in Conway, Arkansas.

The VCRA will have Veteran and Rookie Classes with substantial “Cash” awards classes that will be subject to VCRA rules for vehicle year models, age factors and modifications.  There will also be an “Open” class that will run for trophies only and will be open to any street legal vehicle of any year model.  This rally will likely follow the same format as the Great Race and the Coker Challenge and therefore be a time-speed rally.  Apparently there will a limit of 60 cars in the rally.

To make the rally as competitor friendly as possible, the Vintage Car Rally Association has scheduled the registration/check in for the afternoon of Sunday, August 9th so that competitors will have the Saturday before the rally starts for travel to the rally. Also, the VCRA will end the rally on Saturday, August 15th by 2:00 PM to provide the remainder of the weekend for return travel back home.

For additional information about the rally when it becomes available check out the website for the Vintage Car Rally Association at:

The Vintage Car Rally Association should be thanked for planning such a significant rally.

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