Norwegian Volvo PV Club

For all of this past week I was in New York City on business.  When I came home I was pleased to find a package from Hans-Petter Lyshaug, who is the editor of “PV-Magazinet”, the official magazine of the Norwegian Volvo PV Club.  I had exchanged a couple of emails with Hans-Petter about some photos of Volvo PV cars.

Inside the package was a very interesting 2015 calendar filled with monthly pictures of Volvo PV cars.  I have selected two of these monthly images and included them in this post.

Norwegian PV Club Feb

Not only are the photos of the Volvo PV cars attractive, many of the scenes showing the Norwegian countryside help to dispel thoughts that Norway is only the land of ice and snow.

Norwegian PV Club Oct

In addition to the calendar, Hans-Petter included a copy of a recent edition of “PV-Magazinet” showing the activities of the Norsk Volvo PV Klubb and stories of interest to their club members. I have copied a couple of pages from that magazine to provide an overview of the club’s activities and the content of the magazine.

While I have no ability to read Norwegian, it is clear from the images shown on the page below that the club took an active part in the Oslo Motor Show, displaying some members’ cars and spreading the Volvo PV word to the show’s attendees.

Norwegian PV Club Oslo Show

As I have a strong interest in car rallying, I noticed that they had a story about the participation of Volvo PV cars in the Tour de Corse Historique rally.

Norwegian PV Club Tour de Corse

If you are interested in the activities of the Norsk Volvo PV Klubb you can check out their website:

It is interesting to me to find out what car people from around the world are doing to take part in their hobby.  I want to publically thank Hans-Petter Lyshaug for sending me the information about the activities of the Norsk Volvo PV Klubb.  I will enjoy looking at the calendar all through 2015.

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