Barracuda Wins The 1968 Shell 4000 Rally

This morning in order to respond to a request from a reader, I was looking through some 1968 issues of the now-defunct Canada Track & Traffic magazine.  While doing that I came across an article in the July 1968 issue about the 1968 Shell 4000 rally.  The lead photo in this article was a picture of the Scott Harvey/Ralph Beckman  Plymouth Barracuda which finished first in this great rally.

Harvey Beckman Winning Barracuda

Scott Harvey/Ralph Beckman On Their Way To Winning The 1968 Shell 4000 Rally

If this car looks familiar, then perhaps it is because just about three weeks ago, on November 15, 2014, I posted a story about the 2015 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique in which I referred to and included a photo of a Plymouth Barracuda crewed by John Buffum/Ralph Beckman that had finished second twice in 2004 and 2005 in this rally.  The Ralph Beckman’s Plymouth Barracuda that competed in the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique in those years is a replica of the Plymouth Barracuda that he and Scott Harvey drove to victory in the 1968 Shell 4000 rally, shown above.

Ralph, who lives in nearby Rhode Island, is still active in rallying in the New England area and just this past week I corresponded with Ralph about possibly purchasing some rally navigation equipment from him.

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