2015 Winter Challenge Rally Moved To February 14th

I got a note yesterday from Ted Goddard and John Buffum advising that the Winter Challenge rally has been moved forward to February 14, 2015.   On November 10 I posted on this website that the date of this rally would be on February 21.  In the last few days, Ted & John surveyed a number of potential competitors and they made the decision to change the date to avoid a conflict with the annual convention of the Sports Car Club of America.  For up-to-date information on the Winter Challenge check on the event website at: www.winterchallengerally.com

In the Winter Challenge rally I will be navigating for Dave Siesicki of New Hampshire once again.  Even though Dave will have one of the few two-wheel drive cars in the field and his Honda Civic has much less power than the masses of Subaru WRX cars, due to Dave’s driving we have a good record in this rally, including winning it once.

Having this rally moved forward to February 14 means that I now don’t have a conflict with the 2015 Polar Bear Rally that will be held on February 21 in the Muskoka area of Ontario.  The rally is put on by the Maple Leaf Rally Club in Ontario, Canada.  The Polar Bear Rally is the new name for the event previously known as the Ontario Winter Rally.  This is one of the better winter rallies in this area and the old Hastings Road might be the best winter rally road in the eastern part of North America.  At this time I have no plans for the Polar Bear Rally, but I am pleased that it is now an option for me.  I’ll have more information on the Polar Bear Rally as it becomes available.

I’ll now have to be on my best behavior in order to see if I can get two weekend passes in a row from my wife.

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