Road Books For The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique

This post is a follow-up to a recent post that I made about the 2015 Rallye Monte Carlo Historique and a comment made by Fred Gallagher.  Fred, who has competed both in the WRC version of the Monte Carlo Rally and the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique, noted that many teams purchase prepared road books for the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique rather than, or in addition to, preparing their own notes on the route.

Roadbooks RMCHPrivately Prepared Road Books For The Rally Monte Carlo Historique (1)

There are at least two sources of prepared road books available to competitors.  The going price for the road books is about $300 Euros. Given the length of this rally, the cost of European fuel, the on-the-road time to make the notes, plus all of the follow-up home work to make the notes usable, I think that the cost of these notes is a bargain.


Sample Of One Of The Road Books Available(2)

These road books are prepared by experienced rally people who go over the route up to three times in order to make the notes as right as they can make them.  I like the fact that there is more than one supplier, which means that there is competition to have the best road book.  To make sure that the books are prepared with the latest revisions to the route, the road books are not finalized and distributed until around the New Year which is about a month before the rally starts.

Roadbook Page Example

Another Sample Of A Privately Prepared Road Book (1)

In the above example, there is a type of instruction that is not used in North American rallying.  The instruction at distance 9.50 is related to the instruction at distance 7.40.  At distance 7.40, the cars will pass a sign indicating that they are entering the town or village of Jausiers, while the instruction at distance 9.50 means that they will pass be a sign indicating that they are leaving Jausiers.

In a related story, there was an interesting article in the July 2014 issue of Hemmings Sport & Exotic magazine about a team which had an American driver, Don Sanders from North Carolina, on a team with a 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta.  The first page of this article is shown below.

Hemmings RMCH Article

First Page Of A Hemming’s Article About The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique (3)

In reading the story in Hemmings it seems that they did not purchase the prepared road book, but made extensive preparations as best they could from maps.  It turned out that they had some course following difficulties which cost them in the overall standings.  If they did not have the notes then this suggests to me that the privately prepared road books are worth having.  Teams would also be able augment these notes with any maps that they might care to use, if they felt that this additional information would be helpful.  Of course any support vehicles would also need to have sufficient route information to keep in close contact with the car.

The first page of the Hemmings article is illustrative of the regularity portion of the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique.  Some of the Regularity sections are shown in red.  Between these Regularity sections, the crews take transit sections that link the Regularity sections.

The Hemmings article about the Rallye Monte Carlo Historique is great reading if you can find a copy.

The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique seems like it would be quite an adventure and a challenge.


  3. Hemmings Sport & Exotic Car
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3 Responses to Road Books For The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique

  1. Fred Gallagher says:

    Hi Steve.

    Your readers can download the various itineraries and maps here:

    I wouldn’t recommend anyone try and do this rally without either the bought notes or a full pre-run.

    In 2015 we are trying notes from Sébastien Chol who has won the event outright in the past. Previously I used some Spanish notes which were very good but had occasional stretches of up to 1000 metres with no landmark on the regularities which is a bit too much for a really good performance.


    • Frank Hussey says:

      Do you have contact details for any of the suppliers of prepared route notes. I am entered in the 2015 historique at #240.

      Frank Hussey

      • Hi Frank,
        Based on a recommendation from Fred Gallagher, who will also be competing in the Historique Monte Carlo Rally this year in Car #95, a 1972 Lancia Fulvia 1600 HF, I would suggest that you contact Sebastien Chol through the following website address:
        Please let me know if you have any problems getting the books. Good luck Frank and have fun at the rally!
        Steve McKelvie

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