Impressive Early Results From The 2014 1000 Millas Sport

I have been following the ongoing results of the 1000 Millas Sport rally in Argentina.  This is one of the top car rallies in the world.  As I noted in a recent post, the rally is heavily modeled on the famous Mille Miglia rally.

The total aggregate results after Day 2 are shown in the attached file:

Day 2 Classification

These results are very impressive when you consider that the scoring is based on 1 point for each 1/100 second of deviation from the perfect time.

Torino Team Cars (1)

The Argentinian IKA Torino Was Based On A Rambler American

I took a close look at the results after Day 1.  These results are presented in a raw Excel data file below.  The only thing that I did to this file was to highlight in yellow the results of the teams with American entrants.

Day 1 Times

On Day 1 there were a total of 29 controls that were timed to the 1/100 second.  The Day 1 leading car had a total timing error of 0.94 seconds!!!  Think about that! – a total of 0.94 seconds for 29 controls!!  They had a perfect time to the 1/100 second at 4 controls and their worst timing error at a control was 13/100 seconds!  If you want to do well in the 1000 Millas Sport, then the teams must bring their A-Game to the event.  These top drivers certainly know how to control their cars.

Car 16 (1)

Day 1 Leaders Erejomovich/Llanos In A 1938 AC 16/80

As I noted previously, there are five cars with American competitors in them:

  • Car 12: Patricio Waterhouse is the navigator in this 1927 Vauxhall
  • Car 46: Milton Garcia is the navigator in a 1960 Maserati 3500GT
  • Car 52: Tom Smith & Don Polak in a 1961 Volvo PV544
  • Car 73: Sandra Kaski is the navigator in a 1967 Corvette
  • Car 75: Keith Martin & Dean Koehler in a 1969 Jaguar E Type

The results for these teams at the 2014 Millas Sport rally after Day 2 are as follows:

 American Entrant Results After Day 2

Entrant Day 1 Position Day 2 Position
Car 12 76 71
Car 46 ? excluded
Car 52 85 76
Car 73 excluded
Car 75 90 84


After Day 1 135 cars were still in the running, but at the end of Day 2, the number of cars remaining in contention was down to 115 cars.

Today, Saturday, is the last day of the 2014 1000 Millas Sport rally.

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