2015 Ithaca Winter Rally Coming Up In January

As winter approaches it is time to mark your calendars with the dates of good winter rallies.  Here in the northeast USA, some of the best winter rallies are the held as part of the Finger Lakes Winter Rally series.  On this past weekend I was contacted by Gary Thomas about the 6th Annual Ithaca Winter Rally which will be held on January 24, 2015.

Gary, who is the rallymaster for the Ithaca Winter Rally, sent me a copy of a flyer for this event, which I have included below.

Ithaca Winter Rally Flyer 2015

The Finger Lakes Region of the Sports Car Club of America has been putting on winter rallies for quite a few years and the events are very well organized.  Gary Thomas is an experienced rally competitor and has been involved with the Ithaca Winter Rally for at least 6 years.  Gary knows where the good rally roads are.  The Ithaca Winter Rally will be one of 6 planned rally events that will make up the 2015 Finger Lakes Winter Rally Series.

I have marked the Ithaca Winter Rally on my calendar and I suggest that you put it on yours.

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