2014 1000 Millas Sport Timing Sheet

Last week I posted a report on the upcoming 1000 Millas Sport rally in Argentina.  This rally is very similar to the well known Mille Miglia in Italy.  as I noted in that post, the organizers of the 1000 Millas Sport issue the timing sheets just before the rally.  Yesterday the timing sheets were published on the 1000 Millas Sport website.  For the purposes of explaining the timing and scoring methods at the 1000 Millas Sport rally, I have included a copy of the Day 1 Timing Sheet below.

1000 Millas Sport Day 1 Timing Sheet

1000 Millas Sport Day 1 Timing Sheet

The first thing to notice is that the timing presented on the Timing Sheet is based on 0 hour 0 minutes and 0 seconds at your official start time. Therefore the times on the time sheet are duration timing requirements not direct time-of-day timing.

So let’s walk through some of the timing and scoring requirements for Day 1.  Obviously there will be a separate listing giving the cars their start time based on a time-of-day start.  At the car’s out time to start the day the overall timing for the day for each car is zeroed.  The crews then proceed to Escuela De Montana for first set of Ability Trials at PC 1.  Note that the time to arrive at PC 1 is “Libre” or free, so there is no specific time to be at PC 1.  Having a “Libre” timing requirement does not mean that there are no rules as there can be secret controls that will assess penalty points if a car pass a point more than 5 minutes early.

The cars arrive at PC 1 at their own time and await a marshall’s direction to start the Ability Trial section. When the car passes by or activates the PC1 timing clock, the cars are timed through the next three controls at times measures to the 1/100 second.   The next control beyond the PC 1 start line is 100 meters down the road and must be crossed 15 seconds after crossing PC 1 start. The next control is 150 meters further and must be crossed 21 seconds later and the third control another 70 meters down the road and must be crossed 10 seconds later.  Then the crews should head to Los Girasoles Larga PC 4 that is located 44.94 kilometers from the Day 1 starting location. At that point, the crews will be faced with another set of three controls in quick succession.  At these Ability Trials controls the cars are timed to the 1/100 second and each team is penalized 1 point for each 1/100 second variance from the perfect time.  The cars cannot stop within 50/100 meters of a control, therefore the cars must continue to move when close to the control.  Also going too slow at one control, then accelerating to make the next timing line in time can be a challenge for some older under-powered cars.

Ability Trials Area

A MG In An Ability Trials Area

After the second set of Ability Trials controls, the crews will head to the first CS (Stamp Control) at Parador El Mangrullo at a total distance of 68.00 kilometers.  If you are early then you are penalized, if you are late then there is no penalty.  The remainder of the day is very similar to what I have discussed above.

Also note that in the the last column on the right side of the Timing Sheet, the organizers have provided the approximate average speed required in crtain portions of the rally.  In other cases, the navigator will have to determine the average speed needed to keep up with the the pace of the event.

The timing sheets for the three days of the 1000 Millas Sport are available by clicking on the following file:


This is a brief overview of how the timing and scoring for the 1000 Millas Sport.  This approach is very similar to that used in the Mille Miglia.

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