2014 1000 Millas Sport Starting Soon In Argentina

In about a week, one of the most prestigious rallies in South America, if not the world, will begin in southern Argentina.  The rally, the 1000 Millas Sport is based on the more well-known Mille Miglia rally.  The rally will be about 1000 miles long and will take place over three days, much like the Mille Miglia.  The timing and scoring methods are very similar to the Mille Miglia.  Experience in this event is one reason why you can usually find several Argentine teams finishing near the top of the Mille Miglia standings.

1000 Millas Poster 2014

2014 1000 Millas Sport Poster

Like the Mille Miglia, this event has a list of eligible cars, but the event is much more open than the Mille Miglia.  There is no particular reason that most entries would not be selected, if the cars on the eligible list.

From the pictures and accounts of previous events, the 1000 Millas Sport is held in a scenic area in the shadow of the Andes.

MB By A River

The Roads And The Scenery Are Terrific

The map below shows the general area where the 1000 Millas Sport will be held.  The 2013 The Great South American Challenge rally put on by H&H Classic Rallies (now Rally Round) passed through this area and the competitors spent a night in San Carlos de Bariloche.

1000 Millas Sport Area Map

Map Of 1000 Millas Sport Rally Area

The 1000 Millas Sport people have posted overall maps of each day’s route.  The following are those maps for each day.

1000 Millas Day 1 Route Map 2014

Day One Route Map

Note that the route returns to the same base, Llao Llao, each night.  This makes it easier to take part in the rally as you do not have to pack up each morning.

1000 Millas Day 2 Route Map 2014

Day Two Route Map

The scoring along the route is almost exactly the same as the Mille Miglia.  Therefore for people contemplating the Mille Miglia this is a great prepatory event and for those who believe that they will not be accepted in the Mille Miglia, then this is best alternative to the Mille Miglia event.  Timing sheets will be published before the event starts and I plan to show and example on this website.  I have a timing sheet on file from a previous running of this event.  Rally navigators, like me, tend to collect that sort of information as you need to be prepared in case a driver is looking for a navigator.  Argentina is too far to go to be learning on the job.

1000 Millas Day 3 Route Map 2014

Day 3 Route Map

The Audi shown below is an example that you do not have to have an expensive 50 to 80-year-old car in order to enter the 1000 Millas Sport.

SWB Audi

A Short Wheelbase Audi Quattro In The 2013 1000 Millas Sport

This is a large rally with around 155 cars entered.  By far, most of the competitors are from Argentina.  However there are five cars with American competitors in them:

  • Car 12: Patricio Waterhouse will be the navigator in this 1927 Vauxhall
  • Car 46: Milton Garcia will be the navigator in a 1960 Maserati 3500GT
  • Car 52: Tom Smith & Don Polak in a 1961 Volvo PV544
  • Car 73: Sandra Kaski will be the navigator in a 1967 Corvette
  • Car 75: Keith Martin & Dean Koehler in a 1969 Jaguar E Type

Good luck to all of these competitors!

For more information about the 1000 Millas Sport you can click on the following link:


This is a major rally and would be quite an adventure to take part in.  I’ll be watching to see how well the Americans do.

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