Triumph Dove GTR4 Grand Touring Coupe

Last week I was contacted by Corey Sherman of New York who had some questions about time-speed-distance car rallying.  It turns out that Corey has a lovely and unusual car – a Triumph Dove GTR4 Touring Coupe.  Corey sent me some pictures of his car which I have included in this post.   I remember reading about this car several years ago when it was featured in Hemmings Sport And Exotic Car magazine.  It is a unforgetable car.

Triumph Dove (1)

Triumph Dove GTR4 Grand Touring Coupe

The Triumph GTR4 Grand Touring Coupe was commissioned by L.E. Dove & Co., a Triumph dealer from Wimbledon.  The actual conversion of a TR4 into a GTR4 Grand Touring Coupe was made by Thomas Harringtons of Worthing, who also built the Sunbeam Harrington Alpine cars.  The build date of Corey Sherman’s Triumph Dove is June 12, 1963.

Triumph Dove (2)

The Dove Has The Light Blue Paint That Was Used On The  Factory TR4 Rally Cars

Corey Sherman’s Triumph Dove is not a standard Triumph Dove.  It has been heavily modified in keeping with Triumph works rally cars of the day.  And Corey’s modifications are not just cosmetic, he has not overlooked performance improvements as well.

Triumph Dove (3)

Modified Front Bumper And Rally Lights Mount

The number of Triumph Doves built is somewhere between 50 and 55, therefore these cars are quite rare, but were influential.  In the picture below, you can see the influence that the Triumph Dove had on the later MGB GT.

Triumph Dove From 1963

A More Standard Looking Triumph Dove From 1963 (1)

The engine is the original engine with some performance modifications.  The flywheel has been lightened and balanced, the crankshaft has been balanced, and the cylinder headed has been opened up. The fuel supply has been improved by adding TriumphTune Twin DCOE cast aluminum inlet manifolds with Dell’Orto DHLA 40F carburetors, Webcon 3.25” high air filters and a wrapped four branch tubular manifold into a rally exhaust system.


The Triumph Dove’s Engine Has A Number Of Performance Improvement

Corey’s Triumph Dove has a marvelous interior.  Note that the car has right-hand steering.

Triumph Dove (5)

What A Great Functional Dash!

From a rally navigator’s perspective Corey has provided a great set up that is in keeping with major European rallying in the early 1960s.  The car has the following navigation features:

  • Navigator dash mounted Lucas SPB160 horn button
  • Airpath C2300, non-stabilized wet magnetic compass, panel-mount
  • Halda SpeedPilot Competition
  • Molnija ACS-1 Russian 2-day aircraft chronograph
  • Hella Halogen map reading lamp
  • Post light for stopwatches
  • 12-volt cigar lighter receptacle and plug
  • Plug and socket with cover, for “Potti” map magnifier lamp or other equipment

The car is presently on display in the Moss Motors showroom in Petersburg, Virginia.

Triumph Dove (6)

The Triumph Dove On Display At Moss Motors

The standard Triumph Dove was not a particularly successful car in 1963.  The car was heavy (an unladen base TR4 weighed about 2,130 pounds, while a Triumph Dove weighed 2,660 pounds), which affected the car’s performance and fuel consumption.  However the main challenge for the Triumph Dove was the cost.  In 1963 a TR4 fitted with a hardtop cost 949 British Pounds, while the Triumph Dove had a selling price of 1,250 British Pounds.

The Triumph Dove was built by Harringtons from the spring of 1963 to the early days of 1965.  The Triumph Dove was only built on the TR4 chassis, not the TR4A chassis.

For more on this car, I have included a link to the story about this car in Hemmings Sport And Exotic Car:

 1963 Triumph GTR4 Dove

This is a very impressive car and I hope to see it someday in the future.


1. “The Triumph TRs” by Graham Robson, 1977

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3 Responses to Triumph Dove GTR4 Grand Touring Coupe

  1. Peter Schneider says:

    Have u ever run the targa newfoundland

  2. Ricca says:

    Hi Steve,
    I have taken one Photo from your site to my website , because this car will be a new project in 2018 or 2019. The dove is simply great.
    At the moment I have a self restored Triumph Herald Salon on the road and work on a Herald Estate which should be ready in summer 2018 – I hope…
    If you are interested you can find many photos from the Heralds under Oldtimer.

    Best regards from Austria

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