Some More 2014 Pumpkin Run Rally Photos

This week some photos from the 2014 Pumpkin Run Rally were sent to me.  These photos were taken by Ron Atkins, who was the official photographer of the event.  I appreciate getting these photos, as it is difficult to take good photos of a rally while participating in the rally.

If you look carefully at the photo below, notice the dark spot in the center of the front wheel.  That is brake dust.  Harald & I made the decision very early that we were going to use the Mercedes-Benz brakes as a competitive advantage.  Harald drove very deep in to every stop and applied the brakes quite vigorously.  This minimized time lost at every stop, which hence, as a second order effect, minimized the variance in our stopping pattern.  The key to time-speed rallies is repeatability.


Harald von Langsdorff & I In My Mercedes-Benz 230SLK

The picture below shows Harald & I passing through a time control.  At this event, the no stopping was needed at the time controls.  Your in time for one leg was the start time for the next leg.

IMG_8880 (1)

Passing Through A Control

The picture below shows Harald & I arriving at the Main Time Control at the end of a day’s rallying.  The nice thing about the Pumpkin Run Rally is that when we arrived at the Main Time Control we were given our actual times and the ideal times for all of the day’s legs.  However, before handing us the scores we had the opportunity to turn in any Time Allowances. There was no waiting for the scores.


Myself & Harald As We Finished The Saturday Portion Of The Rally

After rallying on Sunday, the final day, we gathered at the Fire Hall in Millsboro to hear the final scores from all the teams.


All Smiles At The End Of The Rally

In the photo above from left to right: Mike Asselta (driver of the winning Rookie Class entry), Bill Holmes (driver of the 1969 Saab 96), Larry Marcus (driver of the 1968 Camaro SS396 which was the 2nd Place SOP Class car), Steve Keller (navigator of the 1969 Saab 96 and past winner of the Sportsman Class in the Great Race), myself, and Harald von Langsdorff.


President Bob Bryan Presenting Harald & I With Our Trophies For Winning The SOP Class At The 2014 Pumpkin Run Rally

Harald & I want to offer our thanks to Ron Atkins for taking and sharing these photographs as well as the Northeast Rally Club for putting on this very challenging and well-conducted rally.

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